Western Military Intervention in Ukraine, Media Disinformation regarding the Donbass Military Leadership

Who is Commander Alexey Mosgovoy

In-depth Report:

As I am writing this the Ukrainian Rada has passed a law allowing foreign armies into Ukraine.

They are currently discussing whether to combine armies with Lithuania and Poland. This vast force increase will provide equipment and personnel to cover Kiev’s heavy losses in the war Poroshenko is waging in Donbass. I don’t know what combining armies with NATO member countries will ultimately mean. I do know that both countries are very close to following in Ukraine’s Ultra-National footsteps internally because of pressure from their own nationalist diasporas.

Today (Feb 4)in the heavy shelling of Donetsk, Ukraine hit Hospital #27 among other civilian structures in Donetsk 17 homes, in Makeyevka 28 , and Gorlovka 2. At Hospital #27 most of the deaths are from flying glass when the windows blew in due to the explosions.

The Ukrainians are firing Uragan rockets which also disperses cluster bombs. Cluster bombs are illegal. In Donetsk one Uragan rocket struck the location where humanitarian aid was given out and a children’s playground.

This video with English subtitles shows the horror of Ukraine’s bombing in Gorlovka. The shelling, rockets and bombing have been constant there since the beginning of the year. This is going on all across Donbass and on the front lines, Ukraine is once again shelling refugees trying to leave.

Against this background in this video with translated subtitles by Kazzura commander Mosgovoy addresses this ongoing situation and states where he sees the conflict in Ukraine going. He also appeals to Ukraine to fight against the real enemies of the people and to stop killing each other. He says where he thinks it must end. There has to be justice for all Ukrainians.

Listening to Alexey Mosgovoy, commander of Prezrak Battalion opens a clear lens into understanding the leaders of LNR and DNR in Donbass. Mosgovoy has been vilified in the press as a rising tyrant, a backward looking ideologist, and an intolerant leader in an attempt to undermine the position of the DNR and LNR in western media.

In what became the West’s big article on Mosgovoy, he was made out to be a cruel unjust warlord overseeing the trial of rapists and concluding it with the death penalty. It was called a trial by a mob, and a death sentence was ordered with a show of hands.

The first rapist was a soldier under his command and the girl was just 15 years old. The second was accused of raping a child. During the trial all the evidence was brought forward and the only defense given was “she asked for it.” The mother of the convicted was convinced of his guilt. The mob which was over 300 people knew both the accused and the accusers in the case. In essence it was a jury of 300 people including friends and family. Because it is war time and a soldier raped a child (15 years old), the death penalty was put on the table.

After clouding the facts and dragging this man’s reputation into the mud, for mainstream media the story ended there.

Its how it really ended that gives real insight into this NAF leader.

Mosgovoy suspended the death sentences right away. His stated that the reason which went unreported was

“Until there is a sitting government, laws are decided, and a real judicial system is in place; the punishment cannot be carried out. Real laws have to be in place and protections first. A real court needs to be established and then this can be decided.”

The convicted soldier is digging trenches, and the civilian is in custody until a legal court can hear the case.

The above statement is really clear insight into how Alexey Mosgovoy sees a separation between military and civil structures as well as civil rights.

How I got to know who Alexey Mosgovoy is

Late in the spring and then beginning again in the late summer after Prezrak pushed the Ukrainian national guard and punisher battalions out of our area, I was rubbing shoulders almost daily with Prezrak battalion and didn’t realize it. These men and women are local people from what became Lugansk Peoples Republic.

Back then they were just the local militia guys we met and knew. Prezrak Battalion has played an instrumental part in the humanitarian effort for Lugansk People’s Republic. Alexey Moskovoy set a humanitarian battalion just for distributing aid. In towns where they have a strong presence Prezrak set up kitchens and cafeterias where people struck by the war can eat for free.

In the spring, the Ukrainian government started blocking shipments of medications needed for chronic illnesses ( diabetes, heart problems), to antibiotics, and everything in between going to Donbass. Besides writing about the humanitarian situation, my wife and I have been trying on our own small level to help.

When our friends saw this Prezrak asked us to get lists together locally for medications that were needed. We put a list together and a week later the medications including insulin for Type 2 diabetes were delivered, no thank you needed.

This wasn’t a one time offering and Prezrak Battalion does this wherever they have a presence. They never asked who the medication was for. It doesn’t matter if they are “pro-Russian, or pro-Ukrainian” everyone is Donbass. Prezrak Battalion’s only thought was getting the medication to people that needed it and politics don’t play a part in the equation.

That was how I started to get to know Alexey Mosgovoy. Its the actions and not the words of a man that show his character.

Through months of conversations with the men and women in both the NAF and Prezrak nothing but respect is said in connection with him regardless of what was going on. It doesn’t matter who you speak with on the streets throughout Lugansk Peoples Republic, the sentiment remains the same.

By the time I met him I had the benefit of already understanding how he looked at things. Over the last months Prezrak has earned its fierce reputation, but even in combat every time its possible they have tried to opt for the surrender of their fellow Ukrainians (Ukrainian army) instead of destroying them. The exception to this is the punisher battalions like “Donbass” “Aidar” “Azov” whose crimes against the civilian population has been insane.

Through the lens of this man you can understand the direction the leaders of DNR and LNR are moving in. The military is showing support for the civil structure and the rule of law.

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