Western Military Industrial Complex Creates Unreasonable Fear: Tactic to Divert Tax-Payers Money into Weapons Production

The Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global Research, Mark Taliano, has affirmed that the West does not have a free press and all of the information to which most western people are exposed is delivered by about six media monopolies, which are servants to the oligarch classes, not the public interest.

He indicated that these monopolies largely control how Westerners perceive the world.

“Corporate-controlled governments and their media appendages control what Westerners perceive to be the truth in matters of foreign policy, but the messaging is totally corrupt and criminal,” Mr. Taliano said, giving as example that North Americans believe that Canada and its allies are fighting a war on terror.

“They think that we are fighting al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  The opposite is true of course.  Canada and its allies are supporting al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria with a view to destroying the pluralist, secular, democratic country and its government,” the analyst asserted.

He underscored that the government’s foreign policy consists of destroying freedom and democracy but Canadians are indoctrinated to believe the opposite. “Every time Empire and NATO member states seek to destroy another country – which is all the time — the prey country’s president or leader instantly becomes a “brutal dictator”, someone who “gasses own people”. It’s a complete inversion of the truth. But North Americans are trained to accept the war lies. Critical thinking is taboo.”

The analyst made it clear that the empire, to which Canada is a servile vassal, is imploding as war and poverty are being globalized.

“The economic model is not sustainable.  It serves transnational corporate monopoly profits as it neglects domestic economies.  Priorities are utterly inverted.  The public should be spending its money on equal access to quality healthcare, to infrastructure, education, the public good.  Instead the money serves the same warmongering, predatory classes that are destroying the world,” he emphasized.


Mr. Taliano pointed out that the current diseconomy that is hollowing out the middle class and concentrating the wealth into the hands of a parasitical oligarch class has a name, but few people are aware of it.

“If you can’t name something, you cannot address it.  The name itself is (intentionally) confusing: “neoliberalism”.  It is a predatory economic model that destroys the public domain, privatizes everything, cuts social spending, and deregulates corporate monopoly activities when the deregulation aligns with Big Monopoly “interests”. It’s a diseconomy that serves perceived corporate monopoly interests while at the same time excluding public interests,” he stressed.

The analyst went on to say:

“During the 1998 economic crash the deregulated corporate sector was responsible for the crash, but the public domain provided the bailouts. “Austerity” amounts to further corporate bailouts. Political parties associate the word with self-sufficiency but in reality, it simply gives the oligarchs a free pass to divert “their” wealth to tax avoidance shelters, tax havens and so on. The notion that the market is “free” is ridiculous. How does the oligarch class get away with it?  Simple, it’s the same bailed-out, parasitical oligarchy that owns the media, so they own the messaging, they own how we think, and what we say.”

He believes that if the truth about the West’s criminal wars abroad and its political diseconomy were to trickle down, then productive change might be seen.

“Unfortunately, in the absence of truth, all we have are the mechanisms of democracy but not the reality of democracy. Western politicians will say almost anything to get elected, within the framework of a political script, but they avoid dealing with the realities and the truths about Western imperialism and the drivers behind it. Once elected, the dictatorship of the warmongers and “neoliberalism” invariably resumes.  Hence, nothing changes, and the public interests – concealed and distorted by media lies – are not served,” Mr. Taliano said.

As for what the Western public should do to help itself and the world, the analyst said that Canadians should reject the war lies and the military industrial complex messaging that creates unreasonable fear as a tactic to divert even more money from the people.

“Canada should exit from U.S-led NATO… Media monopolies and in fact all big monopolies should be broken up, including the Banking sector.  No industry should be too big to fail,” Mr. Taliano concluded.


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This interview was originally published on Syria Times.

Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.

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