Western Media Involved in “Black Propaganda” Campaigns in Middle East
By Global Research
Global Research, September 18, 2011
SANA 18 September 2011
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MOSCOW, (SANA)- Dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy, Igor Panarin, on Saturday said the BBC channel plays the role of a Trojan horse by dilapidating the Middle East and subverting the civilized secular states in order to divide the Arab countries, let in the elements of terrorism and ignite deadly civil wars in them.

Panarin said in a statement to Russia Today TV that the Americans were the first to present media as a special type of wars, and that Allen W. Dulles, a former director of the CIA, was the first to use the word ‘media’ in his book “The Secret Surrender” in 1960.

He added that in 1992 a doctrine document of the US General Staff first appeared, called ‘the media war’, “which the USA has been using for over 20 years as a lethal weapon against different countries of the world.”

“What we are seeing in the Middle East today is black media that distorts information by means of fabricating it by international satellite channels which work on inflaming and destabilizing the situation in Syria, Libya and Egypt,” said Panarin.

He cited the BBC, Wikileaks website and other known satellite channels, which used social networking sites such as the Facebook in launching black propaganda campaigns to incite events in Syria and Libya, confirming the fabricated and illusive nature of the photos taken of certain events which were screened on those channels as if they really took place in the two countries.

The Russian official underscored the fact that terrorists were brought from abroad and smuggled into Syria and Libya.

He warned that these subversive steps against Syria and Libya will be the beginning of later stages against Brazil, Russia, India and China; or what is called the PRIC group.

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