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By Global Research
Global Research, November 03, 2011
3 November 2011
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– 2011-11-07

Western Democracy: A Farce And A Sham
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-11-03

Global Warfare: Targeting Iran: Preparing for World War III
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-11-03

New Pact, Obama Visit: Australia Becomes U.S.’s Closest Military Ally
– 2011-11-03

George Washington, The Pentagon, and the CIA
– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-11-03

Depths Of Bloody Chaos: West’s Violent “Democratization” Of Libya May Lead To New, Worse Civil War
– by Vladimir Gladkov – 2011-11-03

The Lynching of Libya
– by Iftekhar A Khan – 2011-11-03

An Israel Attack on Iran: Military Suicide
– by Ismail Salami – 2011-11-03

Dangerous Crossroads: UK military steps up plans for Iran attack
– by Nick Hopkins – 2011-11-03

Organized Labour and the Occupations Movement
– by Samir Sonti – 2011-11-03

Only through following this long-term organizing approach can OWS begin to harness the anger and energy it has made visible and translate it in into a dynamic, class-conscious movement.

VIDEO: Occupy Nova Scotia: Activists Concerned About Co-optation
Find out more on GRTV
– by Amir Alwani – 2011-11-02

The Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime
– by Glen Ford – 2011-11-02

VIDEO: America Bashes UNESCO for “Democratic” Vote on Palestine
– 2011-11-02

America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam
– by Wayne Madsen – 2011-11-02

The never-ending Eurofiasco
– by Mike Whitney – 2011-11-02

Latest Defeat: Arab Nationalism in the Crosshairs
– by BN Aziz – 2011-11-02

The Next Stage of the European Debt Crisis; Towards Global Financial Collapse?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-02

Libya Recolonised: New African Bases For AFRICOM-NATO Combine
At least 50,000 Deaths resulting from NATO Bombing
– by Aijaz Ahmad – 2011-11-02

NATO’s Installation Of New Libyan Regime Signals Neocolonial Scramble For Africa
– by John Cherian – 2011-11-02

Syria. The Pretext to Wage a “Just War”: How “Humanitarian Organizations” Provide a “Human Face” to War
– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2011-11-02

The Brutal Murder of Gaddafi and the Implications for All Those Who Stand in the Way of the War Criminals
Toe the Line or be the Next Victim of Colonial Plunder!
– by Matthias Chang – 2011-11-02

Iraq had a Long Tradition as a Center of Higher Learning: How America’s War Destroyed Iraq’s Universities
– by Prof. Hugh Gusterson – 2011-11-02

Are Corporations and Banks “Corrupting The System”, Or is The Problem “The System of Capitalism”?
– by Raymond Lotta – 2011-11-02

New Libyan “PM” is Big-Oil Goon. Rebels Turn Guns on each other Turning Tripoli into a War Zone
– by Tony Cartalucci – 2011-11-02

Divisions within The Boycott, Divests and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel
– by Eric Walberg – 2011-11-02

Panetta’s prize for bin Laden’s capture: a $10,000 bottle of wine
Panetta wins bet with restaurateur
– by Kevin Howe – 2011-11-01

War Is Great for the 1% … But Makes the 99% Poorer
– by Washingtons Blog – 2011-11-01

When War Becomes Peace: It Doesn’t Matter to Them if it’s Untrue. It’s a Higher Truth…
– by William Blum – 2011-11-01

Double Standards. Obama to the World: ‘Do as we Say, Not as we Do’
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2011-11-01

Libya: Treasure of Benghazi Stolen
Robbers Drill Bank’s Underground Vault
– 2011-11-01

VIDEO: America Bashes UNESCO for “Democratic” Vote on Palestine
Watch now on GRTV
– by Sami Kishawi – 2011-11-01

Global Jobs: Worldwide Downturn in Employment, Social Unrest
ILO Report
– by Joseph Kishore – 2011-11-01

VIDEO: Occupy Movement in Canada: Occupy Nova Scotia (ONS),The Role of the Top-Down OWS “Media Coordinators”
– by Amir Alwani – 2011-11-01

A Portrait of America in Decline
– by Patrick Martin – 2011-11-01

Worldwide Recession and the Credit Rating Agencies: What Is Their Impact On The Global Economy?
– by Devon DB – 2011-11-01

VIDEO: The Assassination of Gaddafi
Find out more in this important new GRTV Backgrounder
– by James Corbett – 2011-11-01

The killing of Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of NATO-backed, Al Qaeda-linked forces marks the end of a campaign expressly aimed at the assassination of the Libyan leader… Find out more in this important new GRTV Backgrounder

The Way Forward for Occupy Portland
– by Shamus Cooke – 2011-11-01

NATO’s Next War: Syria, the Arab Yugoslavia of the Middle East
– by Nicola Nasser – 2011-11-01

The Tears of Sanriku (三陸の涙). The Death Toll for the Great East Japan Earthquake Nuclear Disaster
– by Jim Bartel – 2011-10-31

We are 26,421… and growing!
Global Research readers refuse to be deceived about the state of the world we live in!
– 2011-10-31

VIDEO: EU Troika Drives Greece into Humanitarian Crisis
Interview with director of “Debtocracy” now on GRTV
– by Aris Chatzistefanou – 2011-10-31

Can Germany Mediate Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation?
– by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – 2011-10-31

Washington Cuts off Financial Support to UNESCO in Reprisal for “Democractic” Vote on Palestine Membership
– by Jonathan Allen – 2011-10-31

Ottawa to Spend up to $477M on U.S. Military Satellites
– by Lee Berthiaume – 2011-10-31

China-US Energy Geopolitics: The Battle for Oil in the South China Sea
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-10-31

A new area of potential confrontation is developing between China and the U.S in the South China Sea

Extrajudicial Assassinations in Libya
Libya’s former UN Ambassador Thrown Out of the Window in Tripoli
– 2011-10-31

Ignoring Non-Islamic Culprits in Somalia Famine
Hunger from harmful aid and agriculture policies
– by Julie Hollar – 2011-10-31

Washington’s Black Ops against Iran
Extensive range of covert operations envisaged by US Congress
– by Dr. Ismail Salami – 2011-10-30

The operations against Iran range from cyber attacks to political assassinations. They are conducted under the pretext that Iran was the alleged architect of an assassination plot against the Saudi envoy to the US.

President Al-Assad: “The dangers and repercussions of aggression against Syria or interference in its internal affairs”
– 2011-10-30

Can Capitalism be Reformed? Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) in a Bind: Doesn’t Want to Mention the S-Word
– by William Bowles – 2011-10-30

Unmasking October Surprise ‘Debunker’
– by Robert Parry – 2011-10-30

The Question Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Hears Most: “What’s Your Agenda?”
– by Danny Schechter – 2011-10-30

Argentina: Depression, Revolt and Recovery
Why President Fernandez Wins and Obama Loses
– by Prof. James Petras – 2011-10-30

The Syria Imperative: Military Intervention to Promote Israeli Interests?
– by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich – 2011-10-30

VIDEO: Intel Serves Politics: Bailouts, Obamacare and Wasted Money
New interview now on GRTV
– by Karen Kwiatkowski – 2011-10-30

VIDEO: Corporate Censorship: Police Advise Google to Remove Protest Videos
Find out what’s happening on GRTV
– by Jim Killock – 2011-10-30

The War on Libya and the Broader US-NATO Military Agenda
Is a World War III Scenario Unfolding?
– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-10-30

CIA History of DCI William Colby Finally Qualifies as “Non-Secret”
CIA Director Distinguishes “bad”/”good”/”lesser” and “non-secrets”
– by National Security Archives – 2011-10-29

America’s War in the Horn of Africa: “Drone Alley” – a Harbinger of Western Power across the African Continent
US Military Confirms Washington’s Secret New War in Somalia Despite Official Denials
– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-10-29

US Military Confirms Washington’s Secret New War in Somalia Despite Official Denials

No Solution to The Eurozone Crisis
October Summit Agreement Spells Disaster
– by CADTM – 2011-10-29

The Lynching of Muammar Gaddafi
– by Thierry Meyssan – 2011-10-29

UNESCO to vote on Palestinian membership
– by Canadians for Justice & Peace in the Middle East – 2011-10-29

Saving The Eurozone. Will it Work?
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-10-29

Cuba’s “Silent Transition”: Towards A Mixed Market Economy?
– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-10-29

Building a Pretext to Wage War on Syria: Hidden Agenda Behind UN Security Council Resolution
– by Ronda Hauben – 2011-10-28

The UN Charter obligation of the Security Council is to work for the peaceful resolution of conflicts…

A 51st State for Armed Robotic Drones
– by David Swanson – 2011-10-28

NATO Sponsored Atrocities: “Responsibility to Protect” the “Liberation” of Sirte
– by Human Rights Investigations – 2011-10-28

Truth is the First Casualty of War. No Justice, No Peace, No Truth…
Introduction to “The Humanitarian War” by Julien Teil
– by Cynthia McKinney – 2011-10-28

Americans: Awash In Spin
– by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – 2011-10-28

I have come to the conclusion that Big Brother’s subjects in George Orwell’s 1984 are better informed than Americans.

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order
– by Richard K Moore – 2011-10-28

Defining “Terrorism” and the “State Sponsors” of Terrorism
– by Anton Hsu – 2011-10-27

War in Syria: Gamble for US
– 2011-10-27

NATO, Al Qaeda Militia Killed Gaddafi
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-10-27

VIDEO: Banks Put Americans on the Hook for Trillions
Find out more on GRTV
– by Thom Hartmann – 2011-10-27

NATO Hunting Season in Full Swing
– by Robert Bridge – 2011-10-27

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