Watch Samantha Power Defend Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria During her Security Council Speech

The internationally recognized, legitimate government of Syria is on the verge of freeing Aleppo from ISIS and Al Nusra. This would be a decisive blow to the US/Saudi/Qatar plan to overthrow Assad, and would constitute a near final nail in the coffin of Obama’s disastrous regime change policy in Syria.

As defeat of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Aleppo nears, the US government, and its controlled main stream media is on a propaganda information war offensive of unprecedented nature, directed at discrediting Russia.

Yesterday The Duran reported that Russia has called the US’s bluff on Syria, and with no other option aside from all out war with Russia, America has resigned itself to information warfare, that Russia and Syria will surely brush aside.

It is this US awareness of its own impotence as its Jihadi proteges in Aleppo face total defeat which accounts for all the angry rhetoric and cranking up of atrocity stories we have been seeing over the last week.  These have now culminated  in some typically furious denunciations of Russia by US ambassador Samantha Power on Sunday’s 25th September 2016 at the UN Security Council, over the course of which she actually accused Russia of “barbarism”.

Make no mistake about it, the Syrian army (with support from Russia and Iran) are close to a military victory in Aleppo. The simple fact that Power has given the below speech of lies and hypocrisy during an emergency UN Security Council session, is a clear indication that Al Qaeda is close to defeat, and ISIS is about to be crushed…and this crushes Power, and her neo-liberal/neocon gods of war.

The hypocrisy in Power’s speech is laughable as it is predictable. Listening to Power is listening to diplomacy at its worst.

Here are a few selected lines delivered from a US diplomat, who is seeing her ISIS fueled war go up in smoke, and our corrections to the inaccuracies stated.

“Instead of pursuing peace, Russia and Assad make war.”

Let us fix this statement for Power: “Instead of pursuing peace, The US and its ISIS/Al Qaeda jihadists make war.”

“White Helmets are first responders.”

We refer Power to the “White Helmets Hoax” post on The Duran. White Helmets is definitely not a first responder. Think of White Helmets as Al Qaeda PR in Syria.

“A month ago the world was shocked by the dazed stare of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, as he sat at the back of an ambulance as his home was bombed. He was rescued by White Helmets.”

Is Power referring to the infamous picture taken by photojournalist Mahmoud Raslan who, aside from being associated with White Helmets, is connected to Al Nusra / Al Qaeda, and was part of the band of “moderates” who beheaded a Palestinian boy days before snapping the Aleppo boy photos.

“Russia has consistently said one thing and done the other.”

Let us fix this statement for Power: “The United States has consistently said one thing and done the other.”

Like saying for over eight months that they would seperate “moderate” rebels from jihadists…we are still waiting.

Russia on the other had has been nothing but consistent. It was invited by the UN internationally recognized, legitimate government of Syria (unlike the US), and has stated time and again that it sees no difference between America’s shades of terrorists, and will do what it must to keep Syria in one piece, without a black flag over damascus.

“A political transition is the only way to end this conflict.”

No there is a military solution, and after Syria and Russia exhausted all diplomatic options, the military option is now about to be played to its finality. That option involves US backed Al Qaeda and ISIS losing.

“You cannot carry out a massive military offensive and say you are for peace. That might work on Russia Today. But it doesn’t work when the world has reams of evidence proving what Russia is doing.”

When a large, internationally recognized news outlet reports something other than what the US controlled puppet mainstream media vomits out to the public, then that media organisation must be demonised time and again. RT must be doing something right to have it featured in Power’s UN speech. Perhaps that something is reporting the truth.

“What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism; it is barbarism.”

No it’s counterterrorism. Russia is going after all terrorists in Syria. Whether those terrorists are ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda “rebranded”.

Power’s problem is that Russia is going after Power’s terrorists, who invaded and destabilised Syria, and now they are holed up, surrounded in East Aleppo…with no way out, and begging Power to save them from certain death.

“Russia, today will no doubt again accuse the United States of causing all of this chaos.”

Yes, because the US started all this chaos.

Obama’s “Assad must go” mantra, the bombing of Syrian troops in support of ISIS, the US Hellfire missile that took out a UN humanitarian convoy, the arming and funding of moderate rebels who the world knows is double speak for Al Qaeda / Al Nusra, and simply starting this entire war in Syria so as to help Saudi Arabia and Qatar get gas to Europe.

I would say that the US is the number one cause of chaos in Syria. These distinguished peace activists agree…

Articles by: Alex Christoforou

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