Washington’s Draft UN Security Council Resolution on North Korea

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Security Council resolutions targeting North Korea are counterproductive, achieving nothing other than heightening tensions more than already – Washington’s reason for wanting them imposed, opposing engaging with its officials diplomatically.

In its current form, a draft US sponsored SC resolution on the DPRK is unacceptable to Russia and China, calling for:

  • an asset freeze and travel ban on Kim Jong-un and other designated DPRK officials;
  • designating additional “WMD-related items,” including specified materials, equipment, goods and technology;
  • designating “conventional arms dual-use and munitions” and related items, including specified materials, equipment, goods, and technology;
  • designating vessels used to transport coal, its purchase by other countries prohibited;
  • authorizing UN member states to interdict and inspect North Korean vessels at sea in international waters;
  • banning exports of crude oil, condensate, refined petroleum products and natural gas to the DPRK;
  • prohibiting textile exports to the country;
  • preventing illicit (sic) DPRK coal exports through Rajin;
  • banning the hiring and use of North Korean workers by other countries; and
  • prohibiting joint ventures and cooperative economic activities with Pyongyang, among other measures.

The resolution claimed “the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula…through dialogue” Washington opposes.

A Monday vote on the resolution is planned. Sergey Lavrov told Rex Tillerson Russia will only accept one calling for diplomacy involving all relevant parties, saying:

Moscow’s position calls for use of “political and diplomatic tools to seek peaceful ways of resolution.” It opposes escalation of tensions on the peninsula.

The Kremlin rejects suspending oil shipments to the DPRK. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed the importance of constructive dialogue with Pyongyang, the only way to deal with contentious issues.

Putin said

“cutting off the oil supply to North Korea may harm people in hospitals or other ordinary citizens.”

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier called sanctions counterproductive, stressing the importance of diplomacy over hardline policies.

Moscow and Beijing may agree to further sanctions less harsh than Washington wants imposed. They oppose measures risking collapse of North Korea’s economy. In its current form, the US draft resolution won’t pass.

Washington bears responsibility for heightened regional tensions – a pretext for further militarizing the Korean peninsula, along with increasing the presence of US warships in East Asian waters and warplanes in its airspace, provocative actions, polar opposite responsible policies.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at [email protected].

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