Washington seeks hegemony over South Caucasus
By Andranik Tevanyan
Global Research, September 26, 2009 24 September 2009
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Тhe United States and Russia are in a race for control over energy resources, and all the processes in the South Caucasus should be considered in this context, Andranik Tevanyan, Director of the Political Economy center, told, commenting on the information on Pentagon’s plans to deploy military bases in Georgia by 2015.

“Yes, Washington gave up the idea of deploying ABM systems in Eastern Europe, but did not give up its long-term plans. Washington’s long-term plans to deploy troops in Georgia, as well as the intensified Armenian-Turkish rapprochement process, are components of the plan, which is designated as a ‘big alternative energy package’,” Tevanyan said.

According to him, the United States is trying to resolve all the problems in the South Caucasus at one time thereby ensuring its hegemony over the region and making one more step toward greatly desired energy resources. Tevanyan stressed that the military bases will not be aimed against any country – they are just supposed to enable Washington “to draw nearer” to the energy resources of Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

As regards possible consequences of the Pentagon’s plans in the South Caucasus, Tevanyan stressed that U.S. military bases in Georgia mean additional dividing lines in the regional security system, considering the fact of Armenia being a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

On the other hand, Tevanyan doubts Washington will easily implement its plans in the South Caucasus. “I do not think Russia will easily yield to Washington. The outlook for deployment of U.S. military basis in Georgia remains dim as yet,” Tevanyan said.

He stressed that an arms race in the region is against the interests of the South Caucasus countries. “Armenia, as well as the other countries in the region, must try to get rid of third countries’ ‘military burden’ and must not allow the region to be turned into an arena for the display of superpowers’ military might,” Tevanyan said.

According to media reports, the Pentagon is drafting an agreement with Georgia. Under the agreement the United States is to deploy two land force and one naval base in Georgia before 2015. The construction is to start in 2014, to be completed the following year. Thus, the Pentagon plans to deploy 25,000 troops in Georgia.

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