War Propaganda and the Debt Crisis

Selected Articles

March 13: Civil Resistance to War and Empire in Nation’s Capitol
Peace of the Action’s “Camp OUT NOW”, Washington, DC
– 2010-03-20

Award Winning Movie: “SUPERPOWER”:
Order the DVD Online from Global Research
– by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller – 2010-03-04

Corporate Lobbyists and Public Relations Firms behind Cable News Outlets
– by Sherwood Ross – 2010-03-01

A Homeland “Security Blanket” for the Defense Industry: The Flawed Nuke Detection Program
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-03-01

Crisis in Atlantic Alliance: Has Peace Activism Weakened NATO?
Peace Culture Weakens NATO: The US is becoming increasingly frustrated with Europe
– 2010-02-28

Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle
– by Matt Taibbi – 2010-02-28

A Majority of the German Population want Soldiers to Pull Out of Afghanistan: Germany’s Left Party Expelled from Bundestag
– by Derek Scally – 2010-02-28

Rwanda Runup to Elections: Grenade Attacks, Arrest and Assassination Threats
– by Ann Garrison – 2010-02-28

US Warship in Georgia for Joint Exercises
– 2010-02-28

Azerbaijan Warns of “Great War” in South Caucasus
– by Afet Mehtiyeva – 2010-02-28

Destabilization: Caucasus Geopolitics Threatens Russia’s Security
– by Nikolai Dimlevitch – 2010-02-28

Washington Threatens Russia: Poland Vows to Deploy U.S. Patriot Missiles in Early April
– 2010-02-28

Russia Lashes Out at NATO for Protecting Afghan Drug Production
– 2010-02-28

Drug Trafficking to Russia Transits through Georgia
– 2010-02-28

Media Fabrications: The “Srebrenica Massacre” is a Western Myth
Review of Alexander Dorin’s book
– 2010-02-28

VIDEO: Economic Recovery? Not So Fast
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-02-28

Thousands of Zelaya Supporters Renew Protests in Honduras
– 2010-02-27

British and Argentinean Ships Near Falklands
– 2010-02-27

Stalin’s Secret War Plans: Why Hitler Invaded the Soviet Union
– by Richard Tedor – 2010-02-27

Chile Quake Is One of the Biggest in a Century
– by Gautam Naik – 2010-02-27

Bernanke: “The US Could Soon Face A Debt Crisis Like The One In Greece”
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-02-27

The Axis of Greed: The Nature and Structure of the Economic Elite
Part III
– by David DeGraw – 2010-02-27

Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order
– by Richard K. Moore – 2010-02-27

The Road to Armageddon: The Insane Drive for American Hegemony Threatens Life on Earth
– by Paul Craig Roberts – 2010-02-26

The Perils and Repercussions of Kosovo’s Independence
– by Sebastien Malo – 2010-02-26

Reporters with Conflicts of Interest in Israel
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-02-26

Listen to the Heroes of Israel
– by John Pilger – 2010-02-26

US Using Iraqi Political Discord to Justify Continuance of Occupation
– by Dahr Jamail – 2010-02-26

Economic and Social Crisis in America: Burglarious Stimulus
– by John Kozy – 2010-02-26

21st Century Strategy: Militarized Europe, Globalized NATO
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-02-26

Challenging History: Why the Oppressed Must Tell Their Own Story
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-02-26

Secret AIG Document Shows Goldman Sachs Minted Most Toxic CDOs
– by Richard Teitelbaum – 2010-02-26

How Prime Minister Hotoyama Can Stop The “Japan Bashing”
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-02-25

Military coup in Niger
– by Barry Mason – 2010-02-25

Britain’s Military Chiefs Say More Troops Needed in Afghanistan
Army must recruit more than 100,000 soldiers to continue Afghan fighting
– by Terri Judd – 2010-02-25

Targeting Toyota: US Economic War Directed Against Japan
– by Mike Whitney – 2010-02-25

Russia Threatens to React to NATO Expansion
– 2010-02-25

China Could Build Up Nuclear Capability to Counter U.S. Missile Shield
– 2010-02-25

The U.S. Anti-missile Project in Romania Threatens Russian Security
– by Vladimir Yevseyev – 2010-02-25

UN: 131 Children Killed in 2009-NATO Air Raids
– 2010-02-25

South Atlantic: Britain May Provoke New Conflict With Argentina
– by Rick Rozoff – 2010-02-24

Afghan Resistance against US Invaders
US surge goes full steam ahead in Marjah
– by Eric Walberg – 2010-02-24

Latin American and Caribbean leaders agree to Create Latam Bloc
Excludes the US and Canada.
– 2010-02-24

The Secret War Against Iran
Pakistani militant group responsible for raids inside Iran funded by US
– 2010-02-24

Rising Tensions in South Atlantic: Britain Defends Falklands Position
– 2010-02-24

Conquest and Censorship
– by Douglas Valentine – 2010-02-24

U.N. Sleuth Calls on Albania to Allow Organ Inquiry
– 2010-02-24

VIDEO: Russian Chief of Staff: US Plans to Strike Iran
– 2010-02-24

Venezuela’s Revolution Faces Crucial Battles
– by Federico Fuentes – 2010-02-24

Lawyers and Journalists’ Group See No End in Sight to the Controversy over Bush “Torture Lawyers”
– by The Robert Jackson Steering Committee – 2010-02-24

‘Unsustainable Deficits’ and Bond Boycotts: Panic at the Fed or Back to Financial Normalcy?
– by F. William Engdahl – 2010-02-24

Escalating Falklands Oil Dispute Goes to UN
– by Francis Elliott, Hannah Strange – 2010-02-24

75 Reasons to be Skeptical of “Global Warming”
– by Josh Fulton – 2010-02-23

Conspiracy to engage in aggressive and illegal war
Yoo, Bybee, and Disinformation
– by David Swanson – 2010-02-23

The Sacrifice of Haiti
America’s Foreign Policy “Pact with the Devil”
– by Rev. William E. Alberts – 2010-02-23

Budget Increases for Nuclear Weapons Production at the Expense of Social Programs
– by Jay Coghlan – 2010-02-23

Is the United States a Failing State?
– by Barry Weisberg – 2010-02-23

Riots Over Israeli Claim to West Bank Heritage Sites
– 2010-02-23

“Bipartisan” Campaign Targets US Working Class
– by Patrick Martin – 2010-02-23

Kremlin responds to US-NATO Threats: Russia Deploys Missiles on Western Frontier with European Union
– by Anatoly Aliferov – 2010-02-23

The Drive to Eliminate Social Security in America
– by Shamus Cooke – 2010-02-23

US Super-rich Get Five Times More Income Than in 1995
– by Andre Damon – 2010-02-22

The Uranium Coup
A US Congressional delegation happened to be in Niger at the time of the military coup
– by Michael Carmichael – 2010-02-22

Unexplored Oil Reserves in the South Atlantic: Towards a New Falklands Conflict?
Little England Struts Again
– by Finian Cunningham – 2010-02-22

From Ire to Pyre if US Attacks Iran or Imposes Sanctions
– by Ameen Izzadeen – 2010-02-22

U.S. Patriot Missiles in Poland Early April: Report
– 2010-02-22

China Circled by Chain of US Anti-Missile Systems
– by Qin Jize, Li Xiaokun – 2010-02-22

VIDEO: Iraq for Sale
The showing of this video was banned in the US Congress
– by Robert Greenwald – 2010-02-22

The New McCarthyism in Israel: Human Rights Groups Face Crackdown
– by Jonathan Cook – 2010-02-22

Mossad’s Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues
– by Prof James Petras – 2010-02-22

US Federal Reserve Raises Discount Rate: What is the Economic Significance?
– by Barry Grey – 2010-02-22

US States Slash Medicaid
– by Tom Eley – 2010-02-22

CNN Poll: Seven in 10 Americans Believe Iran has Nuclear Weapons
– 2010-02-22

‘Netanyahu Authorized Dubai Assassination’
– 2010-02-22

Russian General Nikolay Makarov Predicts US Collapse if Iran is Attacked
– by Juan Cole – 2010-02-22

Is Iran a Threat to the Western World?
Hillary Clinton Says Iran “Headed” for “Military Dictatorship”
– by Sherwood Ross – 2010-02-22

Brewing Crisis in the South Atlantic: Oil Exploration in the Malvinas Islands Ignites an Old Dispute
– by Adam Richmond – 2010-02-22

Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe
Assessing the Illusion of Recovery
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2010-02-22

People have been lulled into a false sense of safety under the rouse of a perceived “economic recovery.”

‘IAEA report biased’
Syria seeks to engage Iran, West in ‘constructive’ talks
– 2010-02-21

Solution to the Credit Crisis? The Campaign for State-owned Banks
– by Ellen Brown – 2010-02-21

HAITI: Private Contractors ‘Like Vultures Coming to Grab the Loot’
– by Anthony Fenton – 2010-02-21

Airport Security: Welcome to Scannergate
Terror Scares A Boon for Security Grifters
– by Tom Burghardt – 2010-02-21

Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-02-21

Pakistanis Protest Conviction of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
– by Sara Flounders – 2010-02-20

Supporting Grassroots Organizations in Haiti
– 2010-02-20

The American Nightmare: US Economic Elite Wages War on the American People
Part II
– by David DeGraw – 2010-02-20

Turning a Blind Eye: Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme was known to Wall Street Financial Regulators
SEC Repeatedly Turned a Blind Eye to Valid Complaints of Madoff Fraud
– by Sherwood Ross – 2010-02-20

Bases of Empire: Casting a Global Shadow
US military installations around the World
– by Joan Roelofs – 2010-02-20

US military installations are used for making war, spying on other countries, torture, and other activities that violate the host countries’ laws and the will of their people.

News Coverage of Venezuela and World News
The Orinoco Post (Venezuela) International English Edition
– 2010-02-20

VIDEO: Dutch Government Collapses Over extending Military Participation in Afghanistan
– by John Tyler – 2010-02-20

VIDEO: Will US-NATO Start World War III by Attacking Iran?
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2010-02-20

Any kind of military action directed against Iran would immediately lead to escalation.

Destabilization in the North Caucasus: Georgian President Saakashvili “Ready for New War”?
– 2010-02-20

Yet Another Congressman Questions 9/11
– by Washington’s Blog – 2010-02-20

Candidate for North Carolina House Commits to Introducing State Single-Payer Healthcare
– by David Swanson – 2010-02-20

War Propaganda: Western Media, Not Israeli Hasbara
– by Ramzy Baroud – 2010-02-19

Romania’s Decision to Host US Missiles Sparks Regional Domino Effect
– by Robert Bridge – 2010-02-19

Thinking the Unthinkable: What if China Devalues the Renminbi?
– by Marshall Auerback – 2010-02-19

Globalization Batters Bangladesh
– by Sara Flounders – 2010-02-19

Economic Crisis: The Sovereign Debt Bubble
– by Bob Chapman – 2010-02-19

Cheney Admits to War Crimes, Media Yawns, Obama Turns the Other Cheek
– by Jason Leopold – 2010-02-19

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