War is Impossible Where There is Love: When the Minds and Hearts of Youth Are Programmed to be Killers
By Van Robison
Global Research, June 03, 2018

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War is impossible where there is love, therefore war is not love.

Every baby on earth is born helpless, innocent and without knowledge. Who programs and indoctrinates innocent minds to become killers? Children are like sponges and all parents know this, but so also do those who use and abuse youth as instruments to kill, murder, torture and hate other human beings.

How on earth do human beings think war is a “necessary evil” or “fighting for freedom”, when the reality is that all wars are implemented for the special interests of those in power and never for common sense or valid purpose? Every war is fueled by mass-propaganda, lies and twisted reasoning. War is proof that those who are decision makers are insane human beings.

No young man or woman who thinks they are strong has a chance against bullets, bombs or chemical poisons. All young people who think they “serve” some special patriotic purpose are so programmed and indoctrinated, that they have no clue of what real life on earth is all about.

Who knows and understands that all human life is terminal and that every human being on earth will die? Death is a reality for everyone in the military, everyone in politics, everyone who goes to church and to every human being who ever lives in this short life span.

Young minds are obviously easy to deceive and they are deceived by the millions and the billions. No one who thinks “serving” in the military is some kind of “God” thing, has a clue about reality. Patriotism is a man-made system and is not based upon loving others as brothers and sisters, but is based upon a selfish man-made arbitrary system that is destroying life on earth.

So folks, what gain to those in power is the military?

What gain is power, control or wealth when the end result of all human life is death? What gain is the control of all the world’s oil, mineral resources, geography or human population, when in time everyone will perish due to old age or by whatever means?

One has to believe that based upon the fruit and the decision making of those who wield power over the world, that these human beings are literally insane humans, who have no conscience and are incapable of sound minds. The youth of the world are merely pawns in the game of life.

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