Viewpoint of the Chinese Military: The Chinese People Won’t Stand for US Naval Provocation


A US Defence Department spokesman confirmed to the Xinhua News Agency on Friday that the US would send the aircraft carrier George Washington to participate in the US-South Korean joint military exercise in the Yellow sea.

When the Chinese government had not yet taken a strong stand against the US action, maybe the US could pretend to not know the likely reaction, saying that its military exercise with South Korea was just over the Cheonan issue. Yet now, as the Chinese government has clearly shown grave concern over the US action, the US remains hard set on going its own way. This is a deliberate provocation.

The US should not believe that with its numerous aircraft carriers it can easily handle everything. There is something more powerful than aircraft carriers, and that is popular support. No one can go against public opinion.

With popular support, China, although it currently has no aircraft carriers, will certainly have them one day. Without aircraft carriers but with popular support, Chinese people are not scared of aircraft carriers. Once one loses popular support, no amount of powerful weapons will help a country be able to have its way forever.

Just imagine whether the Chinese people will believe US President Barack Obama’s statement that “the US does not seek to contain China” or US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s claim “we are in the same boat” if a US aircraft carrier bursts into the Yellow Sea.

Imagine how the US could expect China to give a hand when it needs to cooperate with China if it obstructs China like this.

Imagine what the consequence will be if China’s biggest debtor nation challenges its creditor nation.

Imagine how the US would feel if China showed the same ignorance of US interests and security as the US is doing now, and operated military exercises with the US neighbors or competitors in its neighboring or sensitive regions. Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. The US should think twice about this maneuver. Once US aircraft carrier sails into the Yellow Sea, Sino-US relations will be damaged mainly in the aspect of popular support, which is the basis of international relations.

Maybe some Americans do not care about Chinese public opinion at all, as they are accustomed to go their own way without concern for others. If so, it’s not a big deal, and the Chinese people will stand up against all comers.

To raise its combat effectiveness, in wartime the PLA learns war from war, and in peacetime it learns war from practice. The PLA needs a reference. The US will provide China with an opportunity of troop training if the US aircraft carrier comes to the Yellow Sea uninvited to be a real “blue force.”

Some Americans, still stuck in a Cold War mentality, tried everything to contain China’s rise. They try to threaten the Chinese people and test China’s bottom line with this maneuver.

They should know that China’s rise is the general trend, and no weapons could resist it. China is the world’s largest market, so offending China means losing, or at least decreasing, market share.

Will ordinary Americans allow that sort of thing to happen? Without Americans’ support, how could Obama be elected to a second term?

China never bowed to the powerful even in difficult times. What’s more, now China is becoming the world’s second largest economy, so it’s certain that China will not compromise on this issue.

The US aircraft carrier entering the Yellow Sea will only reveal its technologies and tactics and create a good opportunity for China to research aircraft carriers at close hand.

The Chinese people cherish peace, and are not willing to be hostile to any country. However, the Chinese people do not allow any country to be hostile to China or turn a deaf ear to China’s opposition. A country should be dignified, and so should an army.

The US always advertises itself as the most democratic country. Now China should help the US learn a lesson in democracy.

It’s time to learn how to respect others, listen to other country’s public opinion and resolve problems with debate, not with military measures.

Luo Yuan is a major general and deputy secretary general of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences. [email protected]

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