Video: Wag the Dog and the Kremlin Dossier. It is Time to “Lock up” Hillary Clinton
By Jeanine Pirro and Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, February 01, 2018
Fox News Insider 29 October 2017
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“Last week new reports surfaced that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid an opposition research firm for the controversial and salacious document.”

In the following Fox News Report, Judge Jeanine Ferris Pirro does not mince her words.

She reveals in minute detail the fraud of leading Democrats including Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the “Kremlin dossier”.

She confirms the criminality behind the Russia-Gate affair: it is time to  “lock up” Hillary Clinton, says Judge Jeanine.

She also calls for the firing of  Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller” 

Judge Jeanine Ferris Pirro is  a former judge, prosecutor, and Republican politician in New York. She is currently the host of Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine”.

This report points to an about-turn in the Russia-Gate affair –following revelations that the DNC and Hillary Clinton–  had paid a research firm to mount fake accusations directed against the Kremlin for having allegedly intervened in the November 2016 presidential elections. 

It should be noted that these revelations confirm the numerous reports of the independent media (including Global Research) regarding the Russia-Gate affair. 

Lest we forget, those who revealed the mainstream media lies and fabrications pertaining to the alleged involvement of Russia’s government in the US election process, were casually tagged as agents of the Kremlin, spreading “fake news”.

That line of argument has now been fully discredited. It was the mainstream media –with some exceptions– which was involved in spreading fake news with a view to supporting and providing legitimacy to the Russia-Gate narrative, used by the “Deep State” (including competing political factions within the US government and the corporate media) to justify economic sanctions directed against Moscow not to mention outright US-NATO’s military threats against the Russian Federation.  

What next? 

Michel Chossudovsky GR Editor, January 31, 2018


Fox New TV Report

Pirro pointed out that the media have accused Donald Trump’s campaign of colluding with Russia, but the tables seem to be turning.

“The whole time they were the ones lying. They were the ones making it up.  They were the ones cutting the deals and collecting the cash,” she said.

“This dossier was used not only to smear the president,” she explained. “It was used to create a special counsel. It was the basis for congressional hearings, the reason for wall to wall anti-President Trump coverage.”

If the dossier was also used as the reason for further investigation, wiretaps, unmasking, and FISA warrants, then any results of that are “illegal and unusable,” she said. (Fox News)

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