Video: US-Saudi Terror in Yemen: Codenamed “Restoring Hope”. US War Ships in Yemen Waters. Oil Prices Plummet
By Global Research News
Global Research, April 23, 2015
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Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday it was ending a month-long campaign of air strikes “Decisive Storm” in Yemen.

According to the Saudi-led coalition spokesman, all goals set by the “Decisive Storm” have been achieved. These included the destruction of ballistic missiles the Houthis had taken control of. At least 944 people have been killed and 3,487 injured during the month-long conflict in Yemen, World Health Organization reported Tuesday.

The Washington-backed, Saudi-led campaign is now switching into a new phase codenamed “Restoring Hope”. The Saudi Defense Ministry says it is going to focus on anti-terrorism, security and finding a political solution to the crisis. But this does not mean a ceasefire will be declared. Saudi spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri stated that the bombing operation will resume if it is deemed necessary. Thus, talking about the political resolution doesn’t involve the real aim on it. Furthermore, footage from Sanaa and reports from Aden showed that the coalition bombing and shelling continued overnight. It showed how diplomacy works throughout where United States and its allies are involved. The statements mean nothing, if they were expressed by U.S. and Co. Meantime Yemen is repeating the fate of Iraq, Syria and Libya which were destroyed and thrown into the perpetual wars too.

Oil prices extended declines after the Saudi announcement. Brent crude dropped 0.71 percent to $61.45 per barrel at 6:51 GMT today. It had risen more than $6 a barrel since the start of the Saudi-led bombing in March. Withal, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude dropped 1.24 percent to $55.91 per barrel.

The Saudis accuse the rebels of being tools of Iran, a claim viewed skeptically by many experts. Moreover, in this approach we can find the idea that Saudi Arabia is the tool of United States to hide own intervention into oil-rich region. Also, western media have forgotten that Saudi-backed President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi isn’t so legitimate like they want to show. Hadi resigned on January 22, 2015. 1 month before US-backed coalition started military company in Yemen.

The U.S. is beefing up naval presence in the region. On Monday, the US Navy sent two warships to Yemeni waters to conduct ‘maritime security operations’. The Pentagon said in a statement on Monday that the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and its escort cruiser USS Normandy have transited from the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea on April 19. It cited the “current instability in Yemen” as the reason for the move. A Saudi-led coalition has already imposed a naval blockade around the country, in addition to its bombing campaign, as it seeks to fight back against Shia Houthi rebels.

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