VIDEO: Pulling the World Economy Out of Recession
By Global Research
Global Research, June 22, 2009 17 June 2009
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CCTV Dialogue: Intro

What will it be like if the a regional organization puts together three major oil producing countries such as Russia, Iran and Khazakstan and what if the member states of yet another forum hold most of the foreign exchange reserves of the world? It definitely generates front-page headlines worldwide in times of financial crisis when a summit meeting of this Shanghai Cooperation Organization happens to coincide with that of the four major emerging markets called BRIC in the same host country of an increasingly assertive world player, Russia.

Today we shall discuss how the SCO and BRIC participants outline their priorities and challenges in an attempt to pull the world economy out of recession. But can the SCO pose any threat to the US-led NATO in ensuring the regional peace and security in Central Asia, and can BRIC replace the functions of G-20 or G-8? We are not prepared to get any clear answers at this moment but dynamics of the two forums look set to make a major difference. They deserve a careful scrutiny.

Today we are joined here live by Professor Tao Wenzhao, senior research fellow of CASS and professor Alexander Lukin, director of the department of East Asian And SCO Studies with the Moscow State institute of International Relations. 


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