VIDEO:1999 2009 NATO Bombing against Yugoslavia: “There is no humanitarian war”
By Živadin Jovanović
Global Research, March 22, 2009 24 March 2009
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This is said by Zivadin Jovanovic in the (see below) interview just made in Belgrade by Vanessa Stojilkovic for 

23rd of March, it will be ten years exactly, Nato (USA and Europe) started to bombard Yugoslavia. Some believe this was “the only good US war”.

But ten years later, in this region, the multinationals have privatized everything, some people got very rich, the vast majority much poorer. And the USA got a super military basis (Camp Bondsteel) in Kosovo. And their same CIA agents, experts in provocation of separatism, are now active in Bolivia et Venezuela. Among others.

1999 – 2009: Ten years after Nato bombardments against his country, Zivadin Jovanovic, last Foreign affairs minister of Yugoslavia, is interviewed in Belgrade by Vanessa Stojilkovic for

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