US State Department Defends Saudi Massacre Of Yemeni Civilians
By Leith Fadel
Global Research, October 12, 2016
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The U.S. State Department Spokesperson, John Kirby, claimed on Tuesday that the Saudi airstrike against Yemeni civilians in Sanaa was “different” than Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Aleppo.

The flustered Kirby then claimed the Saudis are not “deliberately targeting civilians” like the Russians and Syrians; furthermore, the Saudi Air Force is “investigating” the airstrikes.

Shockingly, Kirby then asserts that the Saudis are defending themselves against the Houthi fighters that are allegedly being armed by the Iranians.

Kirby’s comments were not only false, but also contradictory because his regime has supplied weapons to the opposition in Syria.

Moreover, Kirby stated that the exiled Yemeni regime invited Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen, which is the same thing his regime attacks Assad for doing in Syria.

Kirby’s claims that Iranian-supplied missiles are being fired into Saudi Arabia are somewhat false.

While Houthi fighters are responding to the Saudi Air Force’s daily bombardments around Yemen, they are not using Iranian-supplied missiles.

The Zilzal-3 missiles being fired by the Houthi fighters are not Iranian-made, but rather, a smaller replica produced by Yemeni engineers, Al-Masdar’s Tony Toh reported.

So far, the Saudi-led Coalition has not issued any-sort of apology or remorse for their airstrike that killed hundreds of civilians last week; it is also unlikely that they will accept blame for massacring these people.

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