Selected Articles: The US’ Plans to Designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as “Terrorists”
By Global Research News
Global Research, April 09, 2019

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West Finds New Anti-China Puppet in Wake of Thai Elections

By Tony Cartalucci, April 08, 2019

With a population of 70 million people, the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia, and transforming into a key regional partner for Beijing and its One Belt, One Road initiative, the US and its partners sought to propel opposition parties into power during recent elections held in March.

The US’ Plans to Designate the Iran Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as “Terrorists” Aren’t Just for Show

By Andrew Korybko, April 08, 2019

The US plans to use this possibly impending designation as the basis upon which to “justify” forthcoming Hybrid War measures against the Islamic Republic aimed at dismantling its “deep state” network in the Mideast, including through possible strikes against the IRGC and its Hezbollah allies in Syria.

Let the People See: Emmett Till, and Why They Don’t See

By Prof Susan Babbitt, April 08, 2019

Till, 14, was abducted, beaten and shot in August 1955, his body sunk in the Tallahatchie River. His mother, Mamie Till Bradley, insisted on an open casket because she wanted to “let the people see what they did to my boy”.  It was the “first great media event of the Civil Rights movement”.

Mexico to Spain and Vatican: Apologize for Your Crimes!

By Andre Vltchek, April 08, 2019

So did, recently, a left-leaning President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who wrote a letter to King of Spain, Felipe VI, and to Pope Francis, demanding apology for the ‘abuses that were committed during the conquest of Mexico.’

Venezuela Under Siege

By Hugo Turner, April 08, 2019

America’s war on the world continues to escalate. The arrogance of mad emperor Trump and his minions seemingly knows no bounds. The cowardice and insanity of the “resistance” is revealed yet again in their support for Trump’s plot to destroy Venezuela.

Trump’s Neocons See Erdogan as Their Ticket to a Region-Wide Middle East War

By Mike Whitney, April 08, 2019

Turkish troops and armored units are massed along Turkey’s southern border awaiting orders to invade northern Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to clear a ten mile-deep swath of land east of the Euphrates River in order to remove terrorist-linked militants (YPG) currently occupying the territory.

This Israeli Election Is Between the Right Wing and the Even More Right Wing

By Jonathan Cook, April 08, 2019

Israel’s election campaign, now in its last days, must be the first in which a sitting Israeli prime minister has sought to win over voters by boasting about how much he insulted a president of the United States.


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