US-NATO-Israeli Agenda: Syria to be Subdivided into “Three Weaker States”
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 28, 2012
Al Fara-een
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Egyptian media pundit Tawfik Okasha, owner of the Egyptian opposition TV channel  al-Fara’een, blamed the Mainstream Media of being complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood in feeding the Egyptian people lies about the Syrian crisis.

He calls for all free Syrians to back President Bashar al-Assad as the issue is not about him but goes beyond to include the destruction of Syria and its transformation into three weaker states incapable of confronting Israel.

Transcript of  Tawfik Okasha’s statement

Bashar Al Assad’s war is with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The issue is not about Bashar it is about the destruction of Syria and its transformation into three states

It is about Syria being owned by the muslim Brotherhood and its Security Apparatus being destroyed and replaced by that of the Muslim Bportherhood. There’s a deal being struck between Israel, Turkey and the EU to transform Syria into three states, so that the issue of the Golan Heightsa as well as Syria. So there won’t be any state that will have armed forces capable of confronting Israel.

 The issue is about the destruction of the Syrian Army asnd the destruction of the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Armed Forces

You liars, you who tell the Egyptian people lies upon lies, You tell them that Bashar al Assad is slaughtering  people. Bashar al Assad’s war is with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, It is with those people sent in by Turkey, the US and Israel,

Are we not supposed to be telling the Truth

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