US-NATO Forces Used Depleted Uranium Ammunition in Libya. Selected Articles
By Vincent Lane
Global Research, April 17, 2011
17 April 2011
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Mounting alarm over US use of depleted uranium arms in Libya, Rob Edwards

US Suspected of Using Depleted Uranium on Libya

NATO uses depleted uranium bombs against Libya

Toxic Avengers: Is NATO Dumping DU on Libya?

What A Strange Way To Protect Civilians, Depleted Uranium And Libya

NATO Irradiates Libya

Cruise missiles with depleted uranium on Libya, A first assessment of environmental impact and health
by Prof. Massimo Zucchetti

CIA’s Obama, Libya, Depleted Uranium, and the Family Farmer,

US Denies Depleted Uranium Use in Libya, But Refuses to Rule Out Future Use, Air Force Spokeswoman claims that A-10s were not loaded with DU ammunition, but does not rule out future use in the conflict.

NATO forces use uranium weapons in Libya, Western coalition forces have been using depleted uranium in their airstrikes on crisis-hit Libya, says an expert, despite the forces’ denial of using the highly-poisonous metal.

Cruise missiles with depleted uranium on Libya,
By Prof. Massimo Zucchetti

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