US Must Take Precautions in Sending Guantanamo Inmates to Georgia – Moscow
By Global Research
Global Research, March 27, 2010
Itar-Tass 26 March 2010
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Moscow – The United States must take precautions in order to prevent ‘surprises’ from Guantanamo prisoners in Georgia, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said in comment on the transfer of three Guantanamo inmates to the South Caucasian country.

“The transfer of three suspected terrorists from the detainment facility in Guantanamo Bay to Georgia is hardly a good idea. The detainees are ousted to an instable region with a clear terrorist threat and put into the hands of the country, whose administration has displayed the highest degree of irresponsibility and criminal adventurism in regional security affairs,” he said.

“No one can be sure that Georgian authorities want and can provide appropriate control over former Guantanamo inmates. Notably, the Georgian Foreign Ministry representative said that those people would live a ‘normal life’ because they had not committed crimes but were mere sympathizers of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Are there any guarantees that some of these ‘mere sympathizers’ will not come to Russia or make contact with militants in the North Caucasus?” Nesterenko wondered.

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