US-Media Misinformation on Russian-Syrian Military Cooperation. Russia is Not Involved in Combat Operations
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, September 08, 2015

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Obama began premeditated aggressive proxy war on Syria in March 2011 – using imported Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists to do his dirty work.

There’s nothing civil about ongoing conflict – claims otherwise one of the many Big Lies repeated ad nauseam, proliferated by Western officials and media regurgitating state propaganda, their main role, not honest reporting.

Russia maintains normal diplomatic relations. It supplies contractually arranged arms as well as other products and services. It has every legal and moral right to support a longstanding ally.

It’s gone all-out for diplomatic conflict resolution. Putin urges an international coalition against terrorism and extremism – not efforts to topple an independent government. Obama wants endless imperial wars – against one country after another, ongoing in multiple theaters, likely to erupt in new ones any time.

US officials give chutzpah new meaning. On September 5, a State Department web site spokesperson statement said:

The Secretary called Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov this morning to discuss Syria, including US concerns about reports suggesting an imminent enhanced Russian military build-up there.

The Secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operating in Syria.

Fact: No evidence suggests a “Russian military build-up” in Syria. Satellite images would clearly show it. None exist.

Fact: No “anti-ISIL coalition” exists. US-led aggression using imported ISIS and other takfiri terrorists foot soldiers targets Syria for regime change.

Fact: Obama bears full responsibility for mass slaughter and destruction against the Syrian nation and its people, as well as the greatest refugee crisis since WW II.

Major media reports exclude what readers and viewers most need to know. State-sponsored propaganda substitutes.

On September 4, The New York Times headlined “Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for US,” saying:

A Russian “military advance team (was sent) to Syria (plus) other (unmentioned) steps” taken – citing unnamed administration officials, claiming Putin’s possible intention “to vastly expand his military support” for Syria, despite no evidence showing he’s doing anything beyond fulfilling contractual agreements between both nations.

Despite clear evidence otherwise, The Times cited “Kerry’s repeated efforts to enlist Mr. Putin’s support for a diplomatic solution” to continued conflict.

It bears repeating. Syria is Obama’s war. He didn’t wage it to quit. Indications suggest he intends escalating it. Libya 2.0 appears likely.

Russia deplores war. It’s done more for world peace than any other nation – yet gets irresponsibly criticized. Proliferating anti-Russian propaganda is longstanding Times policy – now suggesting possible deployment of thousands of Russian forces to aid Assad, despite no evidence suggesting it.

State Department spokesman Admiral John Kirby was quoted saying “(w)e have regularly and repeatedly expressed our concern about Russian military support for” Assad.

Fact: No nation is more responsible for global wars and unspeakable human suffering than America.

Fact: Post-Soviet Russia never attacked another country. Its August 2008 South Ossetian incursion was to protect its own citizens – initiated after hundreds were murdered by Georgian forces, deployed by US-installed fascist despot Mikheil Saakashvili.

On September 5, The Times headlined “US Warns Russia Over Military Support for Assad,” saying:

Kerry warned Sergey Lavrov “that such a move might lead to a ‘confrontation’ with the American-led coalition…”

US anti-Russian propaganda war rages unabated – facilitated by media scoundrels proliferating managed news misinformation and Big Lies, notably in New York Times feature reports.

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