US Health Care Reform: Kill the Bill
By Micheal Carmichael
Global Research, December 17, 2009
Planetary Movement 16 December 2009
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America’s most assiduous and articulate advocate for health care reform is Dr. Howard Dean.  In the aftermath of the Lieberman crisis that has deleted the medicare buy-in at 55, Dr. Dean has a new political prescription:  Kill the Bill.

Dr. Dean’s reasoning is simple :  “This is not reform.” 

Lieberman’s sabotage appears to be driven by his fealty to the insurance lobby based in his home state, but that is really only the tip of a much larger and more adamantine political iceberg. 

The ever vigilant Robert Parry points to Lieberman’s role as a leading public advocate of Israel and that nation’s escalating antipathy to the Obama presidency.

During their secret meeting at the White House on the 9th of November, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to use his influence to undermine Obama’s presidency because he resented the president’s meddling in Israeli relations with the Palestinians and the Arabic nations of the Middle East – in spite of the fact that America is Israel’s sponsor, arms manufacturer, diplomatic shield and sole advocate at the tables of the UN, EU, World Bank, IMF and other plenipotentiary bodies.

One victim of Netanyahu’s overarching hubris is now apparent:  Obama’s vaunted health care reform legislation of 2009.

Netanyahu’s agent, Senator Joseph Lieberman, provides the poison to the chalice of health care reform and – at the same time – accomplishes the mission of his ultimate master:  the Prime Minister of a government of a foreign nation whose relations have proven to be more than burdensome for the American people.

It is time to sever the umbilicals of nation, state, government and military ties between the USA and Israel that protract the crises in:  the Middle East, the global economy; the US Congress; the clinics, surgeries and hospitals of America and the promised lands of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Dr. Howard Dean is dead right:  Kill the Bill.

Michael Carmichael is the founder of Planetary.

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