US Color Revolutions: From Eastern Europe to Egypt, Iran, Now Lebanon
By Karsten Riise
Global Research, August 13, 2020

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It is necessary to study, how US color-techniques are applied for regime-change in Egypt (Tahrir) – Iran (Green Movement) and now Lebanon (Cedar Revolution + “Day of Rage”).

The US engineering of these all-but-spontaneous undercover “Color Revolutions” in East Europe is well described in this paper.

These US intervention techniques started during the cold war and afterwards in East Europe (Poland, Romania etc).

These US techniques were perfected in Serbia’s Bulldozer Revolution in 2000 (against Milosevic). The US “template” of “Color” regime-change was then transferred from Serbia to Georgia’s Rose Revolution, 2003 (against Shevardnadze) and the Ukraine Orange Revolution 2005 and Euro-Maidan Revolution 2014 (against Yanukovych) – in Ukraine’s case 2014 with aid from local Nazi groups, all while the US silenced Jewish groups (like ADL, the Anti-Defamation League) from criticizing the coalition of the US with local Nazism. That year, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League voicedly pointed out a single cultural person in France, while not mentioning the rise of Nazism in Ukraine with one word.

What is NOT generaly described, is now how the US has spread its subversive “color-techniques” to the rest of the world – incl. the Middle East and probably Africa (Mobuto in Zimbabwe?).

An Al Jazeera program from back then, described in detail how Egyptian Tahrir activists in 2013 (against Mubarak) were daily in video-contact to receive ideas and instructions from (US supported) activists in Serbia, who had learned how to topple a president (Milosevic). When it turned out later, that Egypt’s political winners after the US supported demonstrated toppled Mubarak would not be western supported “liberal” groups, but instead be Muslim politicians, the USA quickly reversed totally “on its support for Arab democracy” and reinstated Egypt’s social model from before.

“Popular” Green Movements in Iran seem to follow the same pattern – Made in the USA.

Lebanon is especially interesting these days.The Christian élite in Lebanon found it in Christian interest to strike a balance with Lebanon’s other strong group, the Shia population and Hezbollah. Something which not surprisingy annoyed Sunni powers abroad (think of one). And a Christian working relationship with Hezbollah in Lebanon is everything which the USA, Israel and France-EU do NOT want.

Therefore, it is to be expected to see the US operating what fully looks like American developed Color Revolution methods  in Lebanon too.

We see the pattern in Lebanon’s probably-not-so-spontaneous “Cedar Revolution”. And we see, how Lebanon’s also not so spontaneous “Day of Rage” was deliberately designed – based on turning grief in Lebanon to anger for “Regime-Change”, toppling the government.


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