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9 February 2012 — williambowles.info

9 February 2012
New Military Coalitions directed against Syria and Iran: Leading U.S. Officials Flock To Bulgaria Amid Mideast War Threats
GlobalResearch.ca Today at 04:33
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Syria needs solidarity not Western intervention!
Links – International journal of socialist renewalToday at 11:19
Statement by the Socialist Alliance (Australia)
February 9, 2012 — Socialist Alliance supports, and expresses its full solidarity with, the Syrian people�s democratic uprising against the tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

SPEAKING FREELY : Syria: another US stepping stone
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shies from Bush-era talk of a ‘coalition of the willing’, but the rallying call to promote a political transition in Syria cannot be clearer. The fates of Libya and Syria could not be more similar. Deep in economic crisis, the US and Europe are looking to regenerate capitalism through widespread war with the developing countries before being ready for war with Russia and China. – Ardeshir Ommani (Feb 9, ’12)

Report of Arab League mission to Syria contradicts Western propaganda
World Socialist Web Site Today at 09:19
The report by the Arab League�s observer mission to Syria was suppressed because it contradicts Western efforts to justify regime change.

Deadly shelling hits Syrian city
BBC News Today at 08:29
The Syrian army resumes its bombardment of the restive city of Homs, killing at least 13 people early on Thursday, activists say.

Deaths in Syria: Counting them (politically) correctly
Russiatoday.ru Today at 08:10
High casualty numbers in Syria are reported daily by the media, even though a blackout makes them unverifiable. Things became murkier after a human rights site, which enjoyed frequent citations, split in two and began…

�Syrian opposition cannot agree on anything�
Russiatoday.ru Today at 07:05
The West continues to put more pressure on Syrian leader Bashar Assad to step aside and shows its support to the opposition. But who are the opposition and could they handle Syria?

Arab Syria mission ‘may resume’
BBC News Today at 07:00
UN Chief Ban Ki-moon says the Arab League plans to revive its mission to Syria and accuses Damascus of stepping up ‘war on its own people’.

International observers returning to Syria?
Russiatoday.ru Today at 06:07
The UN Secretary-General says the Arab League and the United Nations are considering sending a joint mission to Syria. President Bashar Assad agreed to resume the observer mission during the visit by Russia�s foreign…

UN, Arab League May Send Joint Observer Mission to Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:04

Medvedev to Sarkozy on Syria: Avoid Hasty Unilateral Steps
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:03

Syrian Regime Change: West Plans To Change Political Landscape Of Entire Middle East
Stop NATO Today at 02:29
Xinhua News Agency
February 8, 2012
West pushes for �regime change� in Syria, further complicates crisis
[A]nalysts believe that a forced regime change in Syria would have a serious impact on the political situation in Iran, Lebanon and Palestine, and even change the political landscape in the whole Middle East.

Moscow, Turkey to Pool Efforts on Syria Crisis
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 02:00

8 February 2012
Primakov: Russian, Chinese Opposition To Anti-Syrian Resolution Valid

Stop NATO Yesterday at 23:02
Rossiyskaya Gazeta
February 8, 2012
Russia and China have valid reasons for UN position on Syria – Yevgeny Primakov

Syria: Proxy Battleground For Western Conflict With Russia
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 21:04
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UN resolution would bring no peace to Syria � Medvedev
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 20:48
President Medvedev has clarified the reasons behind Moscow�s veto on the UN resolution on Syria for the prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two leaders have agreed to coordinate their efforts to resolve…

China Must Ally With Russia To Prevent West�s Takeover Of Middle East
Stop NATO Yesterday at 20:48
Global Times
February 8, 2012
China cannot stay out of Syrian chaos
The West has sped up efforts against Syria after the double veto by China and Russia over the UN Security Council resolution. Russia has sent its envoy to the country. China cannot sit idly by as the situation moves away from its intentions.

VIDEO: People inside Homs ‘feel trapped’
BBC News Yesterday at 20:05
Syrian opposition groups say the city of Homs has come under the heaviest shelling in days, despite the president’s pledge to engage in dialogue.

Syria: On the Brink of War?
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 20:00
The Syrian situation appears to be moving to the new qualitative stage � the brink of war. Those who plan attacking Iran see the Basar Assad�s overthrow as a preliminary step. The v?t? imposed by Russia and China on the UN Security Council�s draft resolution opening a way to intervention in Syria gave rise to a storm of intimidations by the USA and its allies against Moscow. It�s imperative to meet the assault with rapid and tough response because the intervention threat is not gone. Countries rather exotic for the world politics arena like Qatar, for instance, followed the example of the USA and Germany intimidating Russia…

Syrian opposition getting ‘daily shipments’ of arms
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 19:44
With recent reports of fierce fighting in Homs, many wonder where the opposition is getting so many arms from. No wonder, argues Professor Ibrahim Alloush, as �weaponry is being smuggled into Syria in large quantities…

Syria and the seeds of world war
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 19:12
The Russian-Chinese veto of a UN resolution paving the way for intervention in Syria has provoked a furious reaction from the United States and its imperialist allies.
Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the United Nations and a leading representative of the �human rights� warriors demanding universal acquiescence to the schemes of US imperialism, branded the veto envoys as �shameful and disgusting� and threatened that �over time it is a decision they will come to regret.�

Interview: NATO And U.S. Ready For War Against Syria
Stop NATO Yesterday at 18:36
February 8, 2012
Brussels and Washington ready for aggression against Syria

European Union threatens ‘harsher’ Syria sanctions
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:19
The European Union said it would impose ‘harsher sanctions’ on Syria today as Russia tried to broker talks between opposition forces and Vice-President Farouk al-Sharaa.

Blueprint for a Syria takeover
Morning StarYesterday at 16:18
Little-known US-British plans hatched 55 years ago bear an uncanny resemblance to the shape events are taking today, says Felicity Arbuthnot

BREAKING: Foreign Troops on the Ground Inside Syria in Violation of International Law
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 16:16
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Exposed: The Arab Agenda in Syria
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:01
Here�s a crash course on the �democratic� machinations of the Arab League � rather the GCC League, as real power in this pan-Arab organization is wielded by two of the six Persian Gulf monarchies composing the Gulf Cooperation Council, also known as Gulf Counter-revolution Club; Qatar and the House of Saud.

�Stop acting like an elephant in a china shop� � Putin
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 15:55
Speaking out against foreign intervention in internal conflicts, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says people should be able to determine their own futures freely.

SYRIA: Moscow and Tehran to Provide Military Aid to Curb US-NATO Supported Armed Insurrection
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 15:53
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Obama’s Proliferating Wars: Empire on Full Throttle Offensive
Black Agenda Radio Commentaries Yesterday at 15:21
President Obama is leading a general imperial offensive around the globe, and �were it not for the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the United Nations Security Council, the U.S. and its allies would by now have declared the city of Homs or some other parts of Syria as areas to be “protected” by U.S.-led air forces “History will record Obama as “man of war” maany wars.”

Targeting Syria and Iran
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 15:06
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Putin warns global community against interference in Syria
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 14:27

Syria: White House preaches peace as Pentagon prepares for war
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 14:26
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Brussels and Washington ready for Aggression against Syria
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 14:23
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Russia�s Strategic Moves On The Syria Issue
Stop NATO Yesterday at 14:06
Russia�s strategic moves on the Syria issue
Jahangir Karami
Russia�s recent veto of the United Nations Security Council’s resolution on Syria was based on two main objectives. First of all, Russia is trying to prevent the Security Council from interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign member states, which is clearly a violation of the UN Charter. And protecting the Syrian government is a priority for Moscow because Damascus is one of Russia�s most important allies in the Middle East.

This is how we roll: FSA shows off APC (VIDEO)
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 13:33
A recently uploaded YouTube video shows that Syrian rebels apparently have access to some armored vehicles which they use against government forces.

Syria and the Seeds of World War
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 13:24
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Syria: White House preaches peace as Pentagon preps for war
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 13:23
The White House is saying “no” to arming opposition and other military involvement in the Syrian conflict � for the moment. Pentagon and US Central Command launched a review of US military capabilities in case that no…

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