Ukraine Crisis: Resistance to War and the Propaganda Campaign
By Michael Welch
Global Research, October 13, 2014

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“There are two thousand political prisoners. We spoke to people in Yalta who said you can’t even go on facebook and make a friend of somebody who is suspected…SUSPECTED, not accused or proven, of being a supporter of the resistance without being jailed. I met somebody who’s girlfriend had been jailed for twelve years for facebook-friending somebody who was a member of the resistance. That’s not a democracy. So, the way that the story is being told, just again and again, doesn’t have a relation to what’s going on on the ground.” -Alan Freeman, Economist who participated in the July 2014 anti-war conference in Yalta

 “In the Western media discourse, Russia is the Indians, the bad guys who must be kept separate and apart. Indeed, at this stage Marvel Comics are more nuanced in their superhero stories than much of the EU and US press and that’s saying a lot. United Artists, and later MGM’s, representation of Bond movie Russian villains had nothing on this.” Bryan MacDonald, journalist

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Ever since the Maidan protests of nearly a year ago, the Western media depiction of events in Ukraine appears to have been subjected to intense distortion and conspicuous omissions.

As detailed on this website, the popular uprisings that ultimately served to overthrow the government of Viktor Yanukovych got substantial assistance from the US and NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy.

There has furthermore been a downplaying of the involvement of Neo-Nazi elements within the protests and in the government which replaced Yanukovych.

There is also the complete censorship by the Canadian press of the Odessa Massacre and evidence that pro-Ukraine protesters brutally murdered people in the city’s Trade Union Hall.

In the first half of this week’s Global Research News Hour, we examine the demonstrable deceptions proliferating through Western media of events in Ukraine and why this continues to happen. The guests are Konstantin Goulich, a University of Manitoba student originally from Russia, and Alan Freeman, visiting professor at the London Metropolitan University now living in Winnipeg, who recently attended an anti-war conference in Yalta. Both are working on an on-line media platform aiming to bring accurate information from the war-torn region.

Roger Annis is a Vancouver-based writer and anti-war activist who attended the Yalta conference. He appears in the second half of the show. He elaborates on the Cold War propaganda dominating the discussion around the Ukraine situation and its resemblances to the propganda of thirty years ago. He addresses the legitimacy of the Crimean referendum. Annis also details the state of the anti-war movement in Ukraine currently, and the involvement of some elements of the Euromaidan movement which are particpating in that movement.

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Length (59:35)
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