Ukraine, Crimea and Venezuela The Power of Peace can Move Mountains

Mr. Putin’s speech on 18 March before the Russian Parliament, the Duma, signing the declaration for Crimea to join Russia after a clear – more than 95% – Crimean referendum victory, shed light on another reality than that incessantly proclaimed by the western lying manipulating all-dominating corporate media.

 It touched also the hearts of many, who are longing for real freedom, self-determination and democracy, who are sick of the western hypocrisy, forked-tongue propaganda about liberty, democracy and terrorism – unchecked lies that affect politics of the western and increasingly also eastern hemisphere.–  SeeThailand, the Philippines, Malaysia – targets for ‘regime change’, to encircle Russia and China – the same purpose that was behind the US-induced overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

 The western media is constantly misleading their willing audience by reproaching Russia of ‘annexing’ Crimea, when in fact, Crimea is joining the Russian Federation by free will of Crimean’s citizens. Mr. Putin’s ceremonial speech is giving a historic perspective of Ukraine and Crimea. His discourse may enter the annals as a momentous landmark in recent history. – It may change the world order, as we know it.

Obama and his minions had to back down from their aggressive bluff in Crimea and Ukraine – for now. But do not believe that they will go away. They will not. Their method is bullying. In President Putin they have met a wise diplomat who calls their bluff, who even invites their ridiculous, toothless and meaningless ‘threats’ and ‘sanctions’, knowing that Washington and Brussels will lose out miserably. See also, March 6, 2014

Europe depends to at least 50% on hydrocarbons from Russia. Germany’s economy would shut down without the fuel from Russia. Germany’s economy alone depends more on trade with Russia – at least 300,000 jobs are at stake – than vice-versa. Germany’s investments in Russia amount to some US$22 billion (October 2013 – German Foreign relations Ministry). A lot of assets to freeze – just in case. No wonder Germany was at last reluctant in joining the rest of Europe with their incredulously nonsensical threats of sanctions, a mere aping of their Masters rustling of the rubber sabre. Europe needs Russia much more than vice-versa.

In short – Russia is too big to fail. Obama and his European monkeys better take note of it.

 Russia and China could demolish the US economy (sic) by a click of a mouse – dumping their dollar reserves – Washington’s debt in the form of Treasury Bills – on the world markets. The euro would not be left unscathed by such a move.

Russia and China, plus the other BRICS and associated countries, including hydrocarbon producers, like Venezuela, could start tomorrow, trading their oil and gas in their own currencies. Trillions of dollars in trade being lost in demand for US dollars would most certainly lead to its collapse – and to that of the hollow US economy as well.

 The BRICS and associates – sometimes also called BRICSA – could float an alternative reserve currency, consisting of a basket of moneys backed by their solid economies (similar to the Euro model of its first two of operation), a more than viable alternative to the worthless mickey-mouse dollar. They have the economic power to crush the empire without a drop of blood.

 Despite some temporary economic repercussions this may cause, the collapse of the bully is what most people of the world – even of the western world – are waiting for but don’t dare to say. There is no freedom of expression. All the media are controlled. But hearts and minds cannot be controlled. Though brainwashed to a point, they feel the fraud, they sense the injustice being done on a daily basis, the killing, the misery brought about by the wars and proxy conflicts, by remote assassinations by drones.

 The people of the world would like to see the naked emperor fall off his stoked-up horse – and his European stooges that control them with him. A little bit of patience. There is a crack in the wall, where the light comes through (Leonard Cohen) – and that moment is approaching.

 At present, though, the empire’s tentacles will continue to lash out in its destructive course towards full world dominance, towards a One World Order. Obama, himself the puppet of corporate America and Wall Street, with his deplorable European marionettes, is committed to implement the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) almost by the letter. It is the roadmap towards world dictatorship, full-power dominance. It is the roadmap for the NATO killing machine.

 The tentacles of the monster octopus already span the world, gradually encircling the last but most important vestiges – Russia and China. Washington is currently fighting active proxy wars, through intermediaries, in four countries – Ukraine, Syria, Thailand – and – Venezuela.

As the US will have to retreat from Ukraine, it will hit all the stronger on other fronts, especially Venezuela – which is, as we know by now, in “Obama’s backyard”; conveniently so, as Venezuela has the world’s largest proven hydrocarbon reserves. Other ‘empire renegades’ – and oil producers – Ecuador and Bolivia, are already in Washington’s Assassin in Chief’s crosshairs.

 President Nicolas Maduro is admiringly defending the path of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez – a legend of worldwide scale and renown. He has transformed Venezuela in a democracy with one of the most open and transparent electoral system in the world. With his Bolivarian Revolution – contrary of the presstitute’s lies – he has also turned Venezuela’s hydrocarbon and mineral riches into an equitable and just economy, serving the poor, with free education, health services and infrastructure connecting Venezuela’s formerly neglected hinterland and rural areas.

 Mr. Chavez’ wisdom and foresight has helped bringing democracy to most of the Southern Hemisphere, freeing it from the claws of the Northern bully. Mr. Maduro’s able Presidency defends this legacy tirelessly.

Washington’s upset in the East will prompt fierce retaliation in its Southern ‘backyard’, starting in Venezuela, where daily protests by rightwing fascists – similar to those implanted by the US (Nuland: the US$ 5 billion investment) and western incited neo-Nazi violence and hired sniper killers in Kiev – are causing in Caracas and other cities of Venezuela increasingly, day-by-day hardship, misery, destitution and death. After nearly two months of Nazi-type anti-government demonstrations the death toll reached 34 last Sunday, 23 March.

 On Monday, March 25, the Venezuelan secret forces discovered a plot by three Air Force generals, linked to the right wing protestors that are supported and financed by Washington and its South American puppet, Colombia.

On 18 March right-wing protestors, supported by Colombia firebombed and destroyed the Venezuela’s Military academy, UNEFA, in Táchira, affecting some 6,000 students and demolishing a library which was also a cultural icon for Latin America.

The flow of mickey-mouse dollars from the North, via such criminal ‘NGOs’, like the National Endowment for Democracy – NED and the accompanying lie-and slander propaganda will not stop until –so the empire hopes – misery is so great that people may cave in. – They will not.

Venezuela is changing its tactic. It is certainly encouraging that UNASUR and the members of ALBA voice their full support for Venezuela. But it is not enough. They will unlikely interfere if the empire strikes, causes a coup d’état, à la Argentina, Chile, and more recently Haiti, Paraguay, Honduras. They cannot.

Losing the gains and social advances of the Bolivarian Revolution and its gigantic mineral resources to the empire would not only be a disaster for Venezuela, it would be an enormous loss to the Southern Hemisphere and the rest of the world.

Therefore, Venezuela has already changed course, seeking closer political and trade relations with Russia and China.

As reported on 6 March by “El Univeral”, Caracas,

Venezuelan Vice-President for Economic Affairs and President of state-run oil holding Pdvsa, Rafael Ramírez, arrived in Venezuela on Monday after a tour of Russia and China which gave new financial and political support to the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

 According to Mr. Ramirez, “China has expressed every support to the Bolivarian government of President Maduro and all the Venezuelan people. We will win! We also visited Moscow for a meeting with President (Vladimir) Putin, where the maximum support to our government and people was expressed,”

 This is certainly good news for Venezuela. It may not immediately stop Washington’s notorious and murderous aggressions, as recent history has shown, but it gives the world assurances that Venezuela and other countries that are in Obama’s shooting range may count on alliances and support from far-away but reliable sources of the world – nothing less but Russia and China.

 This Obama buffoon bully has to be stopped. His bluff has to be called. The world cannot – and will not tolerate more killing. Estimates of people killed by the US and its ferocious NATO bulldozer since WWII are as high as 50 million. This cannot continue. People of this planet are tired – tired to the core of the hypocrisy, of double-standards, of the killing lies of the Anglo-Saxon dominated media – killing – because their lies incite violent political actions that would have not been taken if the truth were known.

With collective faith in Peace – The Power of Peace can move mountains.

Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, the Voice of Russia and other internet sites.He is the author of Implosion – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of experience around the globe.

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