Turkish Dreams of a “Radical Islamic Annex” in Northern Syria Fade Away

Jihadists in Idlib unite under Turkey’s Erdogan as commander in Chief

In-depth Report:

From the day the war began in March 2011 in Deraa, the political ideology of Radical Islam has been center stage.  From the outset of the Syrian conflict, the men who carried weapons were all fighting to abolish the secular Syrian government, in order to form a new government which would be Radical Islam.  They saw their Christian neighbors as ‘heathens’ that needed to be slaughtered.  They were not interested in freedom or democracy; they were fighting to cleanse Syria of anyone who wasn’t like them. 

Erdogan, the Turkish leader, was tasked by his NATO co-signers with the job of being the transit point of international jihadists pouring in to bolster the failing Free Syrian Army (FSA), and the source of supplies and weapons for the NATO-backed ‘boots on the ground’, who hailed from the 4 corners of the globe.  Turkey benefited immensely from the flow of weapons, cash, chemicals, terrorists, and from the huge amount of humanitarian aid pouring in for Syrian refugees.

Erdogan didn’t have to worry about Turkish citizens complaining about Radical Islam, because his ruling AK Party was based on hard-core Islam and was in the process of turning secular Turkey into a Muslim Brotherhood safe haven, and he had a policy of silencing critics.

Erdogan developed a dream of annexing the Northern strip of Syria. His dream was about to be realized, but the Idliboffensive began recently, and his dream is turning into a nightmare.  He had supported the FSA and all the terrorists, whom he calls ‘rebels’, regardless that they are Al Qaeda affiliates, and many were associates of ISIS. He is now sending re-enforcements to Idlib, supplied with sophisticated weapons. However, the terrorists he commands are not using aircraft, except for drones.

A recently penned article by a pro-Erdogan media, carried a headline wondering if Turkey was going to lose Idlib; which gives an impression that the Turkish government felt they had a right to Idlib, and clearly describes how the Turkish President views the Syrian President.

The civilian population of Idlib is characterized by western media as being in fear of the Syrian and Russian military advancing.  The NATO nations at the UN are always invoking the name of the civilians of Idlib as if they were all of one mind, and all of them wanted to remain in the hands of the terrorists.

Selma (name changed for security concerns) spoke to her sister in Latakia and said “Every time we hear tanks, we are praying it is the Army coming to free us.  My kids and I have our white flags ready.  We might be lucky and get spared, or we might die in the battles, but regardless we will end up free.”  Selma’s sister re-told stories of suffering, deprivation and living under Islamic Law.

Selma recounted how in the past the FSA, supported by America, had been easier to live under, except they extorted money, and made a profit off of their power.  However, as the years wore on, the FSA became extinct and the foreign Jihadists were in control of everything.  They didn’t all speak Arabic and did not practice a recognizable religion, but some new fanatical cult which utilized fear to subjugate the civilians.  Every young girl or woman was a coveted sexual targetIdlib was not part of Syria: it had become an Islamic State.

The Russian-Turkish agreement signed at Sochi in 2018 meant for Erdogan to physically remove the terrorists away from the civilians.  The agreement was never a ceasefire or a no-conflict zone.  It was a tool in order to ensure the unarmed civilians would not be harmed when the Russian forces and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fought to eliminate the Al Qaeda linked terrorists.  In the end, it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, as Erdogan never made any attempt to remove terrorists, and instead built numerous out-posts inside Idlib, thus in effect annexing the territory to Turkey, and all with explicit coordination among the Al Qaeda aligned groups.

Presently, the Syrian Arab Army under the command of General Suhel Al-Hassan and his elite “Tiger Forces” are pushing forward in an attempt to regain Idlib, free the civilians, and exterminate the terrorists.  This crescendo was seen previously in Bab Amro, East Aleppo, and East Ghouta.

UN Security Council Resolution 2249 of 2015, “UN member states are called upon to eradicate the safe havens established over Syria/Iraq by ISIL (Islamic State/ISIS), the Al Nusra Front (Syria’s AQ franchise), and ‘all other entities associated with Al Qaeda.’” All eyes are on Idlib as the finale approaches.


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