Turkey Ready for War, Says Erdogan, US Involved in Financial Warfare against Turkey
By Global Research News
Global Research, August 16, 2018

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According to the Islamist Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit quoted by Ahvalnews, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is ready for war.

“The secret to successful states is their readiness for war. We are ready with everything we have,” said Erdoğan on Monday in a meeting with ambassadors in Ankara.

According to reports, the US has instrumented a currency war targeted against the Turkish lira.

Erdoğan’s comments come as the Turkish currency continues to slide against the U.S. dollar following Washington’s announcement of sanctions against Ankara this month”. Ahvalnews

The decline is indicated in the chart below (Bloomberg), from 4.85 Lira to the dollar on July 16 to approximately 5.94 Lira to the dollar on August 16.

“It is everyone’s observation that the developments in foreign currency exchange have no financial basis and they are an attack on our country,” Erdoğan said.

“On the one hand you are a strategic ally and the other you shoot (the country) in the foot. Is something like this acceptable?” he asked, in an apparent reference to sanctions on two ministers and increased steel and aluminium tariffs imposed by the United States.(Ahvalnews)

The US is involved in de facto acts of financial warfare directed against Turkey. According to Michel Chossudovsky, the Trump administration with the support of Wall Street institutional speculators seeks the collapse of the Turkish Lira.

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