Trump’s “Bi-Partisan Tax Cut”
By Masoud
Global Research, December 24, 2017

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President Trump after a year in office has succeeded in rounding up the Republican representatives around his “Tax Cut” Shenanigans to deceive the American people. Democrats, who are also in support of tax cuts for the rich, cautioned that this bold act against the working people might undermine the entire system. However they played their usual role as a complaining opposition.

The White House has promised that people will feel “good” in February by the “giant tax cut Christmas gift”! It is needless to say that no one has been able to explain the rationale behind this insensible claim. The political reality is that the 1% is overjoyed by the passage of this “tax cut” law while the 99% is aggravated, annoyed and ready to fight back against this incursion.

Meanwhile the usual pundits from “liberal” to “conservative”- in the corrupted Media are selling the “tax cut” bill as a “victory” for the President. They argue endlessly about how this “victory” will affect the Republican and Democratic parties in 2018 mid-term election, as if that’s the main concern for the majority of people!

This is not the first time that Congress is providing a giant “tax cut” for the rich; right after the WWII, the political deputies in Washington were very generous in giving “ tax relief” to big business at the public expense. However this time around, the massive transfer of wealth from the majority of working people to a small minority of billionaires was terribly bold and ruthless. The fact is that the elite are preparing the entire country for a major world war.  While the administration is selling their unpopular “tax cut” plan to the “forgotten people,” they are at the same time entertaining the possibility of a preemptive nuclear strike against North Korea or Iran.

The recent international embarrassment for Mr. Trump and his administration on the question of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel is a clear indication that day by day the “leader of the free world” is isolating the U.S. in the international arena, a unique situation that no diplomat could have imagined in their life time. Thanks to Mrs. Nikki Haley, under the leadership of Mr. Trump, the people around the world once again found a chance to show their sympathy for Palestinians under siege. The fatal reaction of the Israeli army against the Palestinian demonstrators, unveiled the ugly face of the Israeli apartheid brutal forces. The insane U.S. foreign policy is making the most powerful military force on earth look a little foolish even to the most “friendly” allies!

Despite the constant distraction and misinformation, the American people are realizing that Mr. Trump and his cabal are trying to “make America great again” only for the rich on the back of the men and women who live paycheck-to-paycheck. People are saying that the idea of imposing income tax was actually to limit the wealth of the 1%; if the rich don’t pay their share of taxes, why should we?

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