Trump Regime Aiding Kiev Plot, Escalated War on Donbass?
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, September 04, 2018

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Something is brewing after a relatively quiet period. According to a Kiev military source named Karapinka on Ukrainian television last month, the country’s forces are planning to attack Donbass at an unspecified time ahead, saying:

“I think that in the near future there will be an assault. Because the army is rebuilding. It is being reformed. The tactics and strategy of fighting are changing. In the near future, the assault is more than likely,” adding:

“But this will not be so simple. Everyone must understand that this is not an easy thing. It is not at all easy to take fortifications, which for four years only strengthened.”

“Without a confident military and good operation and…a tactical operation, it is very difficult.”

Was assassinating Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) President Aleksandr Zakharchenko in late August prelude for what may be coming?

According to DPR Deputy Commander-In-Chief Eduard Basurin

, “(o)ur intelligence (indicates) that subdivisions of (Kiev’s) 128th Brigade are on full alert. Main attack force was deployed on the Mariupol direction” near Donbass. An offensive could start any time.

On Sunday, DPR spokesman Daniil Bezsonov said large numbers of US and Canadian military personnel arrived in Ukraine ahead of what may be a major offensive in Donbass, saying:

“Our intelligence noticed the arrival of a large number of foreign servicemen to the 56th motorized infantry and 406th artillery brigades near Urzuf.”

“The arrival of a group of high-ranking military officials from the US and Canadian armed forces to the headquarters of (Kiev’s) Operational Command East was also noticed.”

“We think it is possible that those who arrived may take part in planning and carrying out an offensive operation.”

Bezsonov said Ukrainian forces include the infamous Nazi-infested Azov battalion, notorious for espousing racist, anti-Semitic extremism, along with openly displaying swastikas, Nazi flags, SS insignias, and other extremist symbols.

They’re mobilizing for a likely attack on Donbass – led by (US and other) foreign elements, he stressed.

The Donetsk News Agency quoted Bezsonov explaining the following:

“(I)t seems that the command of Ukraine’s ‘unified forces operation’ allocates the central role in an offensive to the 36th marines brigade, 56th mechanized infantry and 79th assault airborne brigades.”

“Nazis from the Azov group will be tasked to back the offensive in the rear. All these operations will be commanded by the military from the United States and Canada, or, in other words, by NATO military.”

“We don’t rule out that foreign servicemen will take part in the planned offensive,” he added.

Kiev’s aggression in Donbass began in April 2014, supported and encouraged by Washington. Conflict continued on-and-off, now in its fifth year with no prospect for resolution.

Pentagon and CIA arms and munitions to Washington’s puppet Kiev regime began straightaway after the Obama’s February 2014 coup.

US and UK special forces began training Ukraine’s military after Donetsk and Lugansk broke away, wanting democratic governance, refusing to accept illegitimate Nazi-infested putschist rule.

The State Department admitted that US special forces are training Ukrainian troops – despite  Kiev having no enemies except invented ones.

Last March, Trump regime officials told Congress that Ukraine will be supplied with heavy weapons, including portable anti-tank missiles – on the phony pretext of helping the country defend its territory from (nonexistent) “Russian aggression.”

US weapons and munitions have been supplied to the country since 2014, much of it covertly without congressional authorization – all of it for naked aggression on Donbass.

Escalating war on Donetsk and Lugansk may be imminent, likely coming when ordered by Trump regime hardliners.

Washington and Kiev undermined Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements, effectively rendering them dead-on-arrival.

Both regimes want endless conflict to eliminate democratic governance in Donbass, wanting it replaced with illegitimate fascist rule.

Kiev never observed Minsk ceasefire terms. Heavy weapons were repositioned, not withdrawn from the 500 km contact/disengagement line, separating Ukrainian and Donbass forces. Intermittent shelling never ended, civilians left in harm’s way.

Washington bears full responsibility for what’s gone on since late 2013 – replacing democratic governance in Ukraine with illegitimate putschist rule, Kiev forces used to wage naked aggression on Donbass, its people wanting freedom from fascism.

Conflict escalation may be imminent. Along with Syria, Donbass is a hugely dangerous  flashpoint, risking East/West confrontation – unthinkable US belligerence on Russia by accident or design.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected].

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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