Trump Has 150 Nuclear Bombs in Europe Giving the White House a Dangerous Stranglehold Over EU
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, July 17, 2019

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According to a report in the UK press today (amply corroborated by numerous reports),  the US has approximately 150 (tactical) nuclear weapons of mass destruction (WMD) stored at six locations in Europe. 

They are reported by a NATO-linked body, as being at:

  • Kleine Brogel in Belgium
  • Aviano in Italy
  • Buchel in Germany
  • Ghedi-Torre in Italy
  • Volkel in the Netherlands, and
  • Incirlik in Turkey

This information dramatically changes the balance of global power as it means that any American president could gain immediate military control over the majority of the continent of Europe, at any time.

This is sobering news for all 28 member states of the European Union plus Turkey and the rest of Europe. It has the effect of leaving the entire continent of Europe virtually defenceless against any future potential aggressor.

This is particularly relevant in the current context of the apparent intention of the Trump administration to deliberately provoke the sovereign state of Iran into a dangerous war by first acting to bankrupt a population of 83 million by prohibiting the purchase of Iranian oil by any foreign state worldwide.

The implications of a future nuclear conflict in which most European states – other than France and Britain, would be left without any nuclear deterrent or defence, are incalculable and means that any American maverick or rogue president could hold an existential threat against most of Europe.

This disquieting disclosure should impel the EU to convene a European summit, including Turkey, to implement an urgent plan of action for nuclear defence. That would clearly necessitate the removal of all American WMD back to the United States as soon as possible and a new defence contract with France, (and possibly Britain), for the independent nuclear defence of the continent.

With the current unstable US administration headed by an unpredictable, pretend president – time is of the essence.


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Hans Stehling (pen name) is an analyst based in the UK. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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