Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA): Laying Foundation for North American Union
By Global Research
Global Research, June 09, 2007
The StarPhoenix 7 June 2007
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Most folks by now have heard about TILMA — the corporate-friendly Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement between Alberta and British Columbia that came into effect this April Fool’s Day.

Its mandate is to “harmonize” regulations and standards between the two provinces, removing so-called barriers to economic development. The Opposition currently is pressuring the Saskatchewan government to sign on, too.

Meanwhile, Agrivision’s plans continue for a Smart Inland Port in Saskatchewan, where trucks and containers will be dispatched, loaded with our raw materials via Vancouver or Prince Rupert to factories in Asia that has plentiful and cheap labour.

They will also move on the NAFTA corridor that connects non-unionized ports in Mexico, through another inland port at Kansas City, to Winnipeg and other crossings, to deliver to Canadian stores finished goods from China and India. A similar scheme, ATLANTICA, is in progress, using ports at Montreal and Halifax.

The next step in the underground process of Canada’s “deep integration” with the United States is another closed-door meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), this time in August near Montreal.

Driven by the North American Competitiveness Council, an unelected group of CEOs from Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin, Manulife Financial, Chevron and Suncor Energy to name just a few, SPP’s job is to decide the future of Canada and to draft government policy towards the final step in NAFTA — the North American Union.

That’s the ultimate goal for a seamless, borderless free-trade entity that joins Canada, Mexico and the U.S. in a common economic body, so that the aforementioned “stakeholders” continue to accumulate wealth. By using TILMA, they hope to “harmonize” provincial regulations and soften up Canadians before this final move.

Want to save Canada? Tell Premier Calvert to reject TILMA.

Elaine Hughes 


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