Towards A “Fourth Wave”? Combating “D the Dangerous Delta Variant”. The “Mathematical Lockdown Model”

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The fear campaign has once again gone into high gear.

Is a new Worldwide lockdown envisaged as a means to combating the “dangerous” Covid variant entitled “Delta”.

First identified last year in India, The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant was  “thought to have driven the deadly second wave of infections this summer in India”.

According to so-called “scientific opinion” it is now said to be spreading worldwide, to some 80 countries.

According to the BBC: 

“Delta plus has also been found in nine other countries – USA, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia and China – compared to the original highly contagious Delta strain, which has now spread to 80 countries.”

According to the White House:

“Here’s the deal: The Delta variant is more contagious, it’s deadlier, and it’s spreading quickly around the world – leaving young, unvaccinated people more vulnerable than ever.

Joe Biden’s proposed “solution” is:

“Please, get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Let’s head off this strain before it’s too late.” (emphasis added)

Towards a Fourth Wave?

Uk Health authorities are now claiming that the new cases of the Delta B1.617. variant, increase the risk of hospitalization by 2.7 times, (according to Public Health England).

Prof. Neil Ferguson is Boris Johnson’s government trusted “advisor”. He was the architect of the infamous Imperial College “mathematical model” which was used to justify the March 11, 2020 lockdown and closure of the global economy, leading to mass unemployment, extreme poverty and despair.

Image on the right: Neil  Ferguson (Source: Financial Times)

Generously funded by the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation, his March 2020 computer model estimates and predictions border on ridicule.

The economic and social devastation of the March 2020 so-called lockdown is beyond description: 190 member states of the United Nations accepted to “close down” their national economy coupled with the face mask, social distancing and the derogation of fundamental human rights. The stated intent was to protect people against V the Virus.

The March 11, 2020 lockdown as a means to containing the alleged pandemic is a crime against humanity.

And now, the same discredited “expert” (in consultation with his colleagues of  the SAGE Committee of experts) has designed a new “mathematical model” which is being used to justify a “Fourth Wave Lockdown”.

According to the British media:

“New modelling for the government’s SAGE committee of experts [to which Ferguson belongs] has highlighted the risk of a “substantial third wave” of infections and hospitalisations, ….

A Whitehall source said it was “broadly correct” that the outlook was now more pessimistic. “Cases are obviously higher and they are growing quickly,” the source said. (Guardian)

According to Prof Neil Ferguson the simulations of the “model” point to “the risk of a surge in infections and hospitalisations”. In early June, Ferguson pointed to “The risk of a substantial third wave”

“the Delta variant of coronavirus is 30% to 100% more transmissible than the previously dominant variant”. (quoted by the Guardian).

Where does he get his data and estimates?

What Ferguson fails to mention is virus variants are always “less vigilant” and “less dangerous” in comparison to the original virus.

UK officials are nonetheless intimating to the possibility of a Fourth Wave lockdown. According to Britain’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty (who is also a member of the SAGE Committee)

The NHS needs to brace itself for another difficult winter ahead, with the possibility of a further “very significant Covid surge”,

Prof Whitty’s warning came as experts said the UK was now at the beginning of a third wave of the virus, and that the return of lockdown restrictions could not be ruled out (Independent, June 17, 2021). See June 9 Minutes of SAGE Committee.

SAGE refers to The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies  which advises the UK government on Covid related policies. Many of the members of this illustrious panel are potentially in conflict of interest.

A sub-group of SAGE is the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviour (SPI-B): Covid-19. Also of relevance is the SPI sub-group involved in modelling, as well as the Imperial College’s report to SAGE.

The statement by Prof Whitty, is based on “a new study commissioned by the government”. Professor Graham Medley – who chairs the SPI-M modelling sub-group of the government’s SAGE panel pointed to the possibility that “restrictions would have to be reintroduced.”

Prof Ferguson, who also sits on the SPI-M modelling sub-group, said the Delta variant posed a “higher risk of hospitalisations” – but said it was still unclear how deadly a third wave of infections might be. (Independent)

These announcements are frivolous. Their intent is to justify drastic policy measures (lockdown, mask, social distancing, closure of economic activity, disruption of health services) as well as the speeding up the vaccination programme.  

Moreover, these statements by British health officials (not to mention the results of the “modelling exercise”) regarding the so-called spread of “the more infectious Delta variant” are now being used to the justify the implementation of “Fourth Wave” lockdown policies in a large number of countries.

The development of  restrictive measures has unfolded in India, sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, among others. In Australia, major urban areas including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin have literally been closed down.

“Fake Science” regarding D the Dangerous Delta Variant is the driving force behind these measures which are relentlessly creating social chaos and the destabilization of national economies.

In turn, the Delta variant is being used Worldwide as  a pretext to speed up of the mRNA vaccine campaign.

“Have no Fear, Pfizer is here”. Despite the wave of  mRNA “vaccine” related deaths and injuries the “solution” of Public Health England (PHE) and its SAGE and Imperial College panels of distinguished experts to these alleged “deadly variants” is “get the jab”. The Pfizer experimental mRNA vaccine –is now heralded as “88% effective against the Delta variant”.



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