Threatening Syria: WMDs. America’s Big Lie … Again !

In-depth Report:

by Alexandre Toffy

Oblivion might be a blessing to ease the pain, or escape the past and its contents, which if stirred may leave the human spirit restless. But when used to escape moral responsibilities towards human civilization, oblivion becomes a stain that smears our humanity, as it falls on us to lift up humanity to higher levels in terms of reason and social responsibility.

Most of us believe that what George W. Bush claimed, and what was presented to the United Nations Security Council by the CIA, as footage of Saddam Hussein’s ‘nuclear arsenal’, was nothing short of falsification? Can we imagine that a 1.5 million Iraqi citizen paid for these fabrications with their lives?

George W. Bush and his administration claimed that Hussein’s regime possessed WMDs, they presented the UN Security Council with their ‘proof’, and war broke out… one that ended with the death of 1.5 million Iraqis, at least half of them are women and children.

An international investigating committee came into Iraq but found nothing. Nothing to prove the very claims this war was based upon.

So did George W. Bush admit, but too late came the truth…:  1.5 million Iraqis killed because of alleged WMDs that were to be found in Iraq, but truth as it turned out, that “evidence” and what the US administration had claimed was nothing but a BIG LIE.

This happened only few years ago, how did we come to forget it?

How did the US administration get away without being held accountable for its lie? A lie that killed 1.5 million Iraqis, not to mention thousands of American troops.

The answer is simple. A lie after another. That’s the US method of wiping the human memory clean, and clearing the slate for succeeding US administrations.

The US administration follows this single method to manage international crises, and this method is based upon war, a ‘war to lose’. After ten years in Afghanistan, did we witness the fall of Taliban, was Al-Qaeda erased, or did it expand?

This American ‘war’ on Al-Qaeda gave this organization some legitimacy in the hearts of some Muslims, who found themselves targeted by the USA, the American Administration has idiotically provided this terrorist organization with an International Muslim incubator, the feelings of millions of Muslims were agitated after the American war on Iraq, a war based on a lie, a lie that ended with a holocaust killing millions of people.

At this very moment, we find ourselves in a dire need of the truth. With utmost objectivity, we need to ask ourselves: “do we have to do it again? Do we have to fall for the same American Lie ?

Today, President Obama speaks –regrettably- using the Bush logic, but this time, it’s Syria.

The only state in the Middle East where Christians and Muslims are living in peace since decades.

The only state that enjoys a secular system, one which did not produce extreme Islamists into power.

Do we want such a state to be destroyed, and why?

Recently the US Administration started with this campaign: “Assad’s Regime Used Chemical Weapons Against His People”…

That is some headline! Intriguing, head turning, alarm raising, but is it TRUE???

In Khan El-Assal, an area close to Aleppo known for its support of the Syrian Regime, the armed Syrian opposition used a missile with a chemical warhead, leaving scores of victims among them were children, women, and soldiers of the Syrian Army, is it logical for Assad’s Regime to target his own? Did we hear what the people of Khan El-Assal had to say? Do we know that they actually accused Al-Qaeda affiliated militias to be responsible for this chemical attack?

If Assad’s government was the culprit, why was it that Syrian regime was the first to call for an international investigation about what happened in Khan El-Assal?

An investigation that the US wanted to use as a Trojan Horse, so her interference spreads over all the Syrian geography, not only the area of the incident. An action, which is, if passed, stands as an infringement on the sovereign nation, so it wouldn’t be unexpected for Damascus to refuse such an infringement.

The Syrian Regime demanded an investigation in Khan El-Assal, but the US want’s access to all the Syrian territory. Given the human crisis at hand, the US request still lacks justification, because the case here is an accusation of using prohibited weapons, which calls for strict investigation, yet still restricted to the location of the incident.

Any further investigation requires a separate, more precise, and different resolution, whereas what the Obama Administration is doing aims at bringing the international investigation into a halt.

George W. Bush claimed that Iraq possessed WMDs, war broke out, millions of victims died, and in the end the world has come to know that Iraq had no nuclear weapons. NOW, do we need to witness another American war and the death of 2 million Syrians, just to learn that Obama committed the same Bush mistake? Even worse, that we got fooled AGAIN ?

If the US Administration is so sure of their narrative of what happened in Khan El-Assal, have them support the Syrian Regime’s request for an international investigation, have them supervise and monitor it, let them make sure if it was the Syrian Regime who used the chemical weapons –as the US Administration claims- or was it armed terrorist militias loyal to Al-Qaeda, America’s sworn enemy?

Let the US Administration do that, before waging a war that will leave at least 2 million people dead, a war based on a lie, and of course the justification is ready, like last time: “there wasn’t enough info, the Intel. was insufficient, we trusted the opposition”, an ‘opposition’ in disguise, not so different from many predecessors, did nothing but destroy their own countries by pushing the West into wars and battles, where the West also loses men.

  • Obama’s words today, echo the words of his predecessor, and images of human tragedy in Iraq,
  • Let us not make the same mistake twice,
  • Let’s save the country that brought the world its first alphabet (Ras Shamra 1400 B.C), the country where Christians and Muslims have lived in peace and harmony, until extremism snuck through its borders just recently.
  • Let us all remember, George W. Bush got 2 million civilians killed in Iraq and found no trace of WMDs,

Do we have to watch 2 million Syrian civilians die for Obama to make sure that the Syrian Regime did not use Chemical Weapons ?

Alexandre Tossy
Areen info center
Translated from Arabic by : Mohssen Harfoush

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