Threat to Ukraine’s Jewish Community
By Global Research News
Global Research, March 28, 2014

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Western governments, the State of Israel and the United Nations casually deny the existence of a Neo-Nazi threat to the Jewish Community in Ukraine.

The issue is not covered by the mainstream media. The Neo-Nazi parties are identified as being “ultra-conservative” or “radical”. They are not, we are told, anti-semitic.

The following initiative by the Jewish community in the US recognizes that Jews in Ukraine are being threatened, without however identifying the role of the interim coalition government, which is integrated by the two main Neo-Nazi parties: Svoboda and Right Sector.

The text of the campaign and poster of the American friends of Kiev are presented for informational purposes only. (GR Editor. M.Ch.)

Jews from Kiev Odessa and Lvov have recently been attacked, beaten, and stabbed…

After such an amazing rebirth of our people and culture after near total destruction, will we allow anti-semites to force our day schools, yeshiva’s and other institutions to close or operate in fear?

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