This Conservative Government Is Comparable to That of Anthony Eden in Its Machinations with Israel
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, February 12, 2018

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The National Health Service (NHS) purchases millions of pounds worth of Israeli-made generic drugs every year; our supermarket chains sell Medjool dates grown in the Occupied Jordan Valley and soon-to-be-married British couples buy Israeli-cut diamond rings, all this as Theresa May’s government turns a blind eye to the shocking human rights abuses in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and, of course, Gaza.

Whether you are a Jew, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Hindu or a Muslim living in Britain – these are extremely unpalatable facts.  We are reaping the results of human suffering that has been going on for decades, in the full knowledge of the odious conduct of the extremist Likud government that implements a revisionist Zionist agenda that should be abhorrent to the British people.

However, the Israel embassy in London together with the very active Israel lobby at Westminster ensures that the British voter is kept in ignorance by immediately labelling any publication of this information as ‘antisemitic’.

These are the unsavoury facts and that is the tragedy as Britain steadfastly ignores the authority of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that condemned, without dissent, Israel’s unlawful settlements on stolen land and its refusal to seek peace in the region.

What is the point of the UN Security Council of which the United Kingdom is a Permanent Member when this Conservative government votes for a Resolution that severely condemns Israel, then immediately continues to issue export licences for arms and military equipment to the Likud coalition of Binyamin Netanyahu that is, and has been, the perpetrator of documented human rights abuses on a massive scale in the Occupied Territories for so many years?

This Conservative government is comparable to that of Anthony Eden in 1956. However, whereas they both colluded with Israel in illegal acts that threatened world peace, Eden then did it secretly whilst Theresa May now does it openly. For both, their conduct presaged their political demise.

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