United Nations

In a spectacular display of solidarity and strength, envoys from Beijing and Havana, Moscow and Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas, Damascus and Managua and numerous other states stood together, side by side, in front of the UN Security Council
For the UN to even speak of “Sustainable Development Goals” while the UN Security Council is notorious for “destroying the infrastructure necessary to support human life” in the countries devastated by the military actions and sanctions the UN has authorized, is the worst form of hypocrisy and duplicity.
Today, North Koreans heroically persevere in their socialist development, despite the criminal sanctions being inflicted upon the DPRK by the UN Security Council, in craven servility to US interests.
In a courageous and brilliant tour de force, the Argentine Presidency of the UN Security Council availed itself of the opportunity to publicly denounce US espionage in the service of imperialism.
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