Crimes against Humanity

Corporations invest in the art of destruction. It is a lucrative trade. Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”. A 1.3 trillion nuclear weapons program launched under Obama, and approved under Trump is underway.
For three and half years, the Saudi’s have waged a horrendous war on Yemen. They have slaughtered tens of thousands of Yemenis, more than 50,000 children died by Saudi air raids with UK supplied bombs, and US supplied war planes...
According to Trump, who "loves children" Israel has the right to defend itself. Eight-month-old Laila is the youngest Palestinian killed in Gaza on Monday, the deadliest day since the 2014 war
Saleh v. Bush involves claims by an Iraqi woman, Sundus Shaker Saleh, that former President George W. Bush and other high ranking Bush-era officials broke the law when they planned and waged the Iraq War.
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