The World in Crises
By Richard Galustian
Global Research, August 15, 2018

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Hypocrisy and contradictory policies have never been so rife in the US and Western ‘democracies’.

For reasons of length and complexity, let’s not consider either Israel nor China in this piece. The thought of either sends me into a spin!

Has the world become a mass of contradictions and gone mad? Yes. For example America partners Her supposed archenemy, Al Qaeda in several countries engaged in ‘regime change’ wars; the Burka ban controversy, in UK and Europe, is another example of the contrarian and hypocritical nature of western democratic countries, whilst they diplomatically and militarily support the despotic and murderous Saudi Arabian regime, where women, who wear full Burkas, predominantly come from.

These contradictions and inconsistencies by the West also cause the polarization within their societies and is the cause of the rise of extreme nationalism, even far-right, fascist trends in their counties.

Why does the West bait Russia, with talk of war when the outcome of such a war would mean the total destruction of the Earth? What madness is this?

Simultaneously to these contradictions and illogical behavior, the fact is that a contributing factor is the rise of unbridled capitalism which is omnipresent in US and Europe.

This acceptance of the making of money without any principles whatsoever; gangster criminal tactics, mafia activities, have been made acceptable, even admired, including drug trafficking. It’s even glamorized in mainstream Hollywood movies and in successful TV series.

These are just some of the collective factors creating the environment for a new world of chaos, or disorder.

Populism and Nationalism permeates throughout almost all countries. Its triggered by leaders wanting to embrace the type of politics espoused by Trump of a ‘me first’ philosophy – in his case ‘America First.

You see it throughout the world. It happened most recently in Italy, Hungary.

Saudi Arabia engaged in genocide in Yemen, public beheadings in their country etc, in a reaction to a relatively mild human rights tweet by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, in the name of Saudi sovereign rights, broke relations with Canada.

Few if any country speaks up for Canada. Has the world gone mad?

That said the following quote puts Saudis behavior into greater perspective

“It’s pretty clear that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is using Canada to send a message to the rest of the world that if you want to trade with Saudi Arabia, then you need to shut up on human rights,” said Nader Hashemi, director of the University of Denver’s Centre for Middle East Studies.

Popularism & Nationalism are the political future for all. In Britain there is Brexit and ‘the Tommy Robinson Phenomenon’ which is consistent with this overall trend, projecting the nationalistic message, ‘Britain First’.

So get used to it; nationalism and popularism are the future, no longer groups of countries, organized by the UN or EU agreeing in a consensual way, on an issue.

A predicted consequence will be the demise of both the United Nations and the EU.

Such is the new reality of the 21st century; a very old idea revived, reshaped, triggered by Trump’s simplistic view of the world.

Today’s new crop of countries leaders see popularism, wrapped themselves in their flag, getting them and keeping them in power. And they are correct; today it will.

We must also accept as a reality that the main problem today is also the clash of civilizations, which is really a religious one, much like the Crusades, returned to confront essentially Christianity.

Another problem is the mistake that multiculturalism works. The amoral Tony Blair’s insatiable lust for power and money and his dream, started in the 1990s (of multiculturalism) has become the world’s nightmare! The blame of much of the world’s problems today can be laid on his doorstep.

Yet another factor contributing to this world chaos is ‘Political correctness’ and the granting of unwarranted and illogical political rights for fringe groups. Imposed by a sort of new wave of political thinking that might best be called Liberal Fascism.

What is the solution to this emerging global chaos and madness?

It won’t come from unregulated capitalism. Nor from communism, socialism etc those relics of the 20th Century.

We need to find a new social justice principle; a new ‘ism’, a system that is more akin to what many Scandinavian counties used to have decades ago.

True and genuine morality must be the sole driver for country’s policies. Nationally and individually we must develop a moral compass not imposed, not through religion but because of our recognition of our common humanity. Importantly the word integrity must return to our vocabulary.

The Libertarian movement is the closest political concept that comes to mind. Philosophically we must evolve to a higher state of moral driven principles and consciousness. Buddhism also espouses such thoughtful empathetic thinking. Taoism also does. You may say its unrealistically idealistic; but what are the alternatives? More of the same?

The biggest problem of all is American militarism, which mimics the British Empire of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. If pursued it will ultimately fail and cause America to implode or result in WW111.

The US Senators and Congressmen, many of whom are octogenarians
need to understand that Imperialism is totally unacceptable in the 21st Century. It’s a dead concept.

The cynics amongst us will say all this is impossible; though I tend to agree, I retain hope that common sense will prevail; because if not this will surely be the last century for the human race.


Richard Galustian is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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