The West’s “Anti-Islamic Terrorists”
By Mark Taliano and Sarah Abed
Global Research, March 18, 2017

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The recent terrorist attack against innocent civilians in Damascus, Syria, which claimed the lives of about 35 civilians, demands reflection into what the non-belligerent country of Syria, home to a pluralistic society, and a secular government, is facing.

NATO’s dirty war on Syria  consists of a wide range of terrorism, including economic sanctions, illegal bombing campaigns, and the insertion of about 360,000 foreign terrorists  into the country.

Syria is winning this battle against international terrorism, and the Western dark state agencies that support terrorism —specifically, U.S-led NATO, the absolute monarchies/tyrannies of the GCC, and Israel.

Whereas Western populations are led by the nose to believe that our governments oppose terrorism, the opposite is true.  The publicly-disclosed Regime Change/government-change war against Syria is terrorism.

The stated goal of the West and its allies is destabilization, which means the destruction of Syria as a country, and the balkanization of the country into ethnic and sectarian enclaves is (link) is one of their strategies — and sometimes this involves bot only criminal bombing and perpetual violations of Syrian sovereignty, but also pitting one terrorist group against another if it serves to destroy the country.

Most of the Western propaganda memes have been thoroughly discredited, but a few still linger.

A predominant myth that still has legs, however, is that the genocidal, head chopping, organ harvesting, sex slaving, drug dealing terrorists are somehow Islamic.

In fact, all of the Western-supported terrorists in Syria are anti-Islamic.  The “Islamic State” terrorists are literally Anti-Islamic State terrorists.  They are mercenaries who serve the West’s interests of destroying foreign countries.  None of the terror groups, including al Qaeda/al Nursra Front, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and all of the fraudulently named “moderates”, are Islamic, although they might think otherwise.

The Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia, fountainhead of terrorism, is a weaponized political ideology, far –removed from the genuine teachings of Islam.

“Islamophobia”, a product of Western–engineering, is based upon lies and distortions.  Imperialists cultivate these lies, and these hatreds, to further their criminal agendas.

Testimonies from Syrians are all but ignored by the West’s criminal mainstream media stories, but the ugly facts are foundational to destroying the fake narratives of the criminal warmongers.

All of the terrorists unleashed by the West are genocidal.  They commit slaughters against Christians (link), against Alawites, against Syrians who support the Syrian government, and all manner of other innocent Syrians.  This is known and documented.

Testimonies from Syrians who have witnessed these slaughters, such as those in the above video, are all corroborated, but under-reported.

FSA “moderates” committed genocide in Kasab.  Terrorists from al Qaeda/al Nursra Front, the FSA and others worked together to commit their slaughters in Adra and elsewhere.

The ever-changing labels of the terror groups are part of the psyop used by “intelligence” agencies to provide cover for their crimes.  This too is known and documented.  We know, for example, that weapons are delivered to so-called moderates so that they can then deliver them to so-called “non-moderates”, and we know that different terror groups work together.

Syria and its allies alone need to continue their successful campaigns against the West’s Anti-Islamic State terrorists.   The West and its allies are the problem. They’ll never be the solution.

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