Is BRICS a Threat to the US Dollar; State Funded “Independent” Media
By Global Research News
Global Research, April 08, 2015

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Is the BRICS a real threat to the U.S. dollar?

Why is media funded by the Russian government called “state-controlled” but American state-funded media labelled “independent”?

What is really going behind the very public disagreements between Washington and Tel Aviv?

Find out the answers to these questions in the articles below and more on important topics such as the silencing of activists in Canada and the violent side effects caused by the withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.

The financial media as well as segments of the alternative media are pointing to a possible weakening of the US dollar as a global trading currency resulting from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) initiative.  One of the…

propaganda lies

U.S. Propaganda 101: Illegally Invade Countries, Fund the Media, Call it “Independent”, Julie Lévesque, April 08, 2015

Foreign Policy Magazine recently had a column called Cranks, Trolls, and Useful Idiots, in which the author, Dalibor Rohac, hunts down “Russia’s information warriors” who, he claims, have infested the web with their lies and propaganda on websites potentially paid…


Czech and Slovak Reservists Memorandum against NATO. “We Reject Fighting in NATO Ranks against Russia”, Global Research News, April 08, 2015

Czechoslovak reserve forces against the war planned by NATO commanders On January 19th 2015 the facebook group, which combines all members of the CSLA, PS, VMV, SNB in reserve or decommissioned, issued an important memorandum, which has become even more…

Toronto symphony orchestra

Music and Politics: The Toronto Symphony Orchestra Silences Ukrainian Musician Valentina Lisitsa, Olga Luzanova, April 08, 2015

It is no secret that nowadays many alternative media activists face appalling state-sponsored censorship in many nominally free and democratic Western countries. Now it seems that such censorship has penetrated much deeper than we have come to expect. Art itself,…


For many months now, the western media has presented the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms of a new and deepening rift. Israel is supposedly positioned on one side of the divide and the US and Europeans on the other, trying as…


The Connections Between Psychotropic Drugs and Irrational Acts of Violence, Dr. Gary G. Kohls, April 08, 2015

“Even at normal doses, taking psychiatric drugs can produce suicidal thinking, violent behavior,  aggressiveness, extreme anger,  hostility, irritability, loss of ability to control impulses, rage reactions, hallucinations, mania, acute psychotic episodes, akathisia, and bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans, including…

Manipulation médiatique

Countering The Lies Of The Mainstream Media, Colin Todhunter, April 08, 2015

The site you are reading this article on is part of the ‘alternative’ or ‘independent’ media. Many of these sites do not take advertising and are run on the basis of donations from readers. Many of the authors whose articles…


The Iran Nuclear Energy Agreement: Force Again Prevails Over Law, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, April 08, 2015

The Israel Lobby and its associated neocon war criminals will block if they can the nuclear energy agreement, worked out by Putin, Iran, and Obama, which has the promise of bringing to an end the US orchestrated crisis over Iran’s…

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