The “We The World” Campaign, The Word War Is No Longer Mentioned

Today we received  a PRESS RELEASE from We the World, announcing a Worldwide campaign “calling for Unity, Peace and Justice in Response to Global Tensions”.

“We, The World and organizations worldwide are taking part in programs and calls to action in September in observance of, and in alignment with, 11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21 and the UN International Day of Peace  September 21.

“The 11 Days of Global Unity aims at strengthening the ideals of unity and equality, diversity and oneness, harmony and compassion and, above all, at advancing the culture of peace.”

It is a vast and expensive project.

The campaign consists of  700 associated events taking place simultaneously in over sixty countries. involving some 3,500 civil society organizations.

The campaign promotes  11 themes of change 11 days of action 

At first glance, I was supportive of this endeavor.

But there is something missing in the way the Global Crisis is portrayed. What are the causes? Who are the Architects of War and Destruction?

“Unity, Peace and Justice in Response to Global Tensions”. What are the underlying forces which create “Global Tensions”?

In the present context, “Global Tensions” is a gross understatement.

What we are facing is US-led  “Long war” against humanity coupled with a Worldwide process of economic and social destruction.  The “Long War” is a Pentagon concept.

The criminalization of politics and the system of justice, including international law has contributed to the remoulding of State institutions. The tendency is towards a globalized Police State apparatus.

And of course media propaganda is used to justify wars of aggression, which constitute a criminal act under international law.

In the various texts and themes of the We the World campaign, Peace is mentioned but the Word WAR never appears.

Nor is there is any mention as to who is actually undertaking these wars (see below). Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace is symbolic. But should we not underscore the fact that the UN is violating its own charter by paying lip service to US led wars.

What is at stake is the failure of the UN multilateral system and the fact amply documented that the US is involved in a process of political manipulation and co-optation within the UN system.


“Sentiment” and “feelings” alone will not reverse the tide of global warfare, poverty, social inequality and racism.

What the broader public has to understand are the geopolitical and economic mechanisms behind this so-called “New World Order” as well as the imminent danger of military escalation in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, not to mention the dangers of nuclear war.

The broader public is led to believe that there is no war: The “Global War on Terrorism” constitutes a peace-making endeavor. America is said to be waging “counter-terrorism operations” under the R2P doctrine (Responsibility to Protect).

The 11 days of We the World starts on September 11, 2018, yet not a word is mentioned as to how the 9/11 attacks, were used as a justification to wage war on both Afghanistan (October 2001) and Iraq (March 2003).

The “We the World” campaign fails to identify the powerful actors behind the War agenda. US, NATO are not mentioned, nor are the powerful corporate interests which support war and destruction.

The complicity of the United Nations is not mentioned. The Secretary General of the UN will be one of the speakers, yet the UN is now tacitly supportive of US  “humanitarian wars”.

The We the World Campaign talks about the “Culture of Peace”. Yet it fails to mention that key political decisions are taken by war criminals in high office. Nor does the Initiative acknowledge that wars of aggression are criminal undertakings under international law (Nuremberg).

Instating  a “Culture of Peace” requires fundamental structural changes, not to mention the unseating of the political and economic architects of America’s “long war” against humanity.

The countries where war is occurring (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, Palestine) are not mentioned. Who is behind these wars?

Moreover, according to media reports, there are no wars of aggression against these countries. US-NATO is allegedly coming to the rescue of Syria and Iraq to instil peace and democracy under a “counter-terrorism mandate”.

There is No “Caring World” (concept put forth by the initiative), because in the West there are no “caring governments”.

Money is allocated to the war machine. The question is: Who has destroyed the “Caring World”.

The initiative narrowly calls for “Truth and Reconciliation” without acknowledging the sources of media disinformation and war propaganda. There is no Truth when extensive war crimes against humanity as in the case of Yemen are simply not reported.

The “We the World” “Culture of Peace” campaign is in marked contrast with the Worldwide anti-war campaign which occurred in 2002-2003 against the invasion of Iraq.

What we need is to rehabilitate a Worldwide anti-war movement.

In annex are the underlying generalities of We the World Program of Activities



This emerging international movement consists of more than 3,500 civil society organizations in nearly every country that are presenting concerts, conferences, festivals, forums, marches, broadcasts and other programs in September to address local and global social, political, economic and environmental challenges to humanity and all life on Earth.

The mission of We, The World is to maximize social change – globally. We are working to awaken a spirit of caring and involvement in the public so that millions of people begin to see themselves as part of one global interdependent community – and actively take part in creating a world that works for all!

Working with an extraordinarily accomplished team, we have begun the process of building an unprecedented critical mass of individuals, organizations and coalitions whose efforts to create a caring world will be highly visible and accessible.

The Motto is 11 Days of Global Unity.

  • The series, called “Our Voices, Our World”, will have a strong focus on youth participation. Proposed themes include:
  • Climate Change – What We Can Do, What We Can Expect
  • Our Money, Our World – You and the Global Economy
  • Ending the Mass Extinction of Species – We’re All Endangered
  • Peace in the 21st Century – An Imperative for Survival
  • The Wisdom of Partnership Culture – Ending the Era of Winners and Losers
  • Water – the Source of Life
  • Media in the Public Interest – for a World that Works for All
  • Women and the Future of Humanity
  • Transforming Government so it is Of, By, and For the People
  • Green Energy For All
  • Truth and Reconciliation – Healing the Wounds that Divide Us
Name: Rick Ulfik
Organization: We, The World
Phone: 212 867-0846
Email: [email protected] We, The World Joins with Groups Worldwide in September calling for Unity, Peace and Justice in Response to Global TensionsNew York City, August 31, 2018 – We, The World (at and organizations worldwide are taking part in programs and calls to action in September in observance of, and in alignment with, 11 Days of Global Unity ( September 11-21 and the UN International Day of Peace ( September 21. This emerging international movement consists of more than 3,500 civil society organizations in nearly every country that are presenting concerts, conferences, festivals, forums, marches, broadcasts and other programs in September to address local and global social, political, economic and environmental challenges to humanity and all life on Earth.In 2004 We, The World brought together partners worldwide to launch 11 Days of Global Unity. Since then, 11 Days has become an inspiring international movement which annually includes as many as 700 associated events in over 60 countries. In 2011, 11 Themes for Change for the 11 Days were established by partner organizations. Since then, these Themes have developed into 11 Campaigns For Change that take place all year long – now with over 600 organizations joining in. Participants in 11 Days have included Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Eve Ensler, Daniel Ellsberg, Marianne Williamson, Ralph Nader, as well as Amnesty International, Oxfam America, United Religions Initiative, Earthdance, The Shift Network, The Compassion Games and many others.“The 11 Days of Global Unity aims at strengthening the ideals of unity and equality, diversity and oneness, harmony and compassion and, above all, at advancing the culture of peace. I welcome this remarkable initiative.” said Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury.Notable Programs in September by Partners and Allies of We, The World and 11 Days of Global Unity include:

  • The UN High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace, 5 September 2018 at United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY. At this Forum key UN and civil society leaders discuss strategies for resolving and preventing conflicts and implementing the UN Programme of Action on the Culture of Peace. 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate Dr Rigoberta Menchu Tum will be the keynote speaker. President of the General Assembly and UN Secretary-General will also speak. The theme of the Forum is “The Culture of Peace: A Credible Pathway to Sustaining Peace“. Please visit the following UN link to know more: “Contact: Iris Spellings <[email protected]>
  • The International Day of Peace September 21 (“Peace Day“) is observed around the world each year on 21 September and was established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution providing a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. This year’s #peaceday celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the Theme “The Right to Peace”. For more see Contact:  [email protected]
  • 20th Year Anniversary of We, The World and Good News Planet Interdependence Day September 12th at 6:30PM in New York City produced by Andrew Kaen and Planet Heart.Location: Church of The Village, 201 West 13th St @ 7th Ave in Manhattan and Webcast Worldwide. Featuring dynamic recording artists Al Smith, Kristin Hoffman, Heidi Little, the PURE Dancers, inspiring speakers including Deborah Moldow, Monica Willard, Kathryn Davis, Mitchell Rabin, and a special Video Message from Deepak Chopra. Tribute to Carole Hart with An Urgent Message From Your Children. Musical Tribute to Aretha Franklin. Plus the World Premiere Live Performance of the song “We, The World”. Event Webcast link is here. Tickets and more information at Contact: Andrew Kaen <[email protected]>
  • Florida Earth Charter Initiative, in collaboration with Florida Gulf Coast University is presenting the Climate Conversations TeleSummit during 11 Days of Global Unity September 11-21 – dialogues on each of the 11 Themes for Change. For more info contact Sue Blythe <[email protected]>
  • The Global Unity Games September 8-23. The 2018 September Compassion Games is a 16-day challenge to unify communities around the world in an expression of globally synchronized intentions with locally organized compassionate action. Starting on September 8, 2018 and culminating on World Peace Weekend (September 22-23), players and teams will challenge and inspire each other to organize actions that build bridges between peace, prosperity, and the planet. For more see Contact: Jon Ramer <[email protected]>
  • is launching a Fundraising and Media Platform at

  • Free Film Screening of “Enemies of Peace: Preventing Another War in the Middle East” Sept 16 – 2pm-4:30pm Santa Monica, California 
followed by discussion with James Gelvin, Professor of Middle East Studies, UCLA. Pease RSVP to
  • Peoples Climate Movement – September 8th 2018 – On September 8th 2018, the Peoples Climate Movement will bring tens of thousands of people across the United States into the streets, town halls, and community forums. Joined by partners around the world, we will demand bold action on climate, jobs, and justice which will determine the future of our movement – and our world – for years to come. For more see Contact: Sam Read <[email protected]>
  • Unity Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Peace Day Global Broadcast, September 21-24, streaming 72 hours of continuous peace programming to millions of people in more than 132 countries.  Hosted on non-profit, the only 24/7 online network featuring around-the-clock music, news and views about peace, prosperity and protecting the planet. now hosts four more annual broadcast events: International Women’s Day, Earth Day, World Refugee Day, and Human Rights Day. Contact: Bill McCarthy <[email protected]>
  • Vigil 4 Peace & Ecology September 16th 2018 a Free Festival at the Bandshell in Central Park New York City. The Vigil is a transformational grassroots effort dedicated to promulgate peace through participation in art, song, dance, music, prayer and ceremony. Learn more at Contact: Susana Bastarrica
  • Peaceday Party in Times Square, September 21, 2018 in New York City Hosted by Good News Planet Contact: Paul Sladkus [email protected]
  • Unity Earth’s Convergence Magazine ( issues September publication recounting Unity Earth’s Road to 2020 events and pointing toward its Toronto Convergence event at the October/November 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions: visioning the Road to 2020 into the future. Contact Editor Shannon Winters, [email protected]
  • WE UNIFY CONCERT and Community Celebration presented by One Love Rising and Omnipresent Entertainment in partnership with WE, The World and International Children’s Month Sept 21st, 2018 This is an annual concert held in Austin, Texas, and a global call to action from performing artist/musician/lecturer/teacher and producer Heidi Little. Learn more on Contact: Heidi Little [email protected]
  • Spirituality Gone Wild Karen Palmer will be doing several online shows before and during 11 Days of Global Unity featuring powerful events and inspiring guests to raise the levels of compassion, gratitude, joy, love, kindness, and Peace On Earth. Learn more at and please like the page to get notified of the livestreams or replays; Contact: Karen Palmer [email protected].

See also http://WE.nett/11days2018highlights and our free public international Global Unity Calendar that is linked and shared with other organizations’ calendars

We, The World (at is a global coalition-building non-profit organization based in New York City. Founded in 1998 by Rick Ulfik, We, The World annually connects and promotes thousands of socially conscious organizations and businesses, representing millions of people, to amplify their efforts and generate public awareness and action for peace, justice, sustainability and transformation. Advisors and Supporters include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra,  Marianne Williamson, Bill McKibben, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Daniel Ellsberg, Hazel Henderson, Robert Thurman and about 70 other visionary leaders from around the world.

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