The Virginia Tech massacre: The true massacre is the one we are living
By Larry Chin
Global Research, April 18, 2007
Online Journal 18 April 2007
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Every bit as grotesque as the Virginia Tech massacre was the spectacle of George W. Bush grandstanding for a photo-op at the convocation for the victims of the tragedy.

Bush — the world’s premier mass murderer and war criminal, a man responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of people; whose family has been responsible for generations of death all over the world — should not have been permitted to speak.

Not only is this man not the legitimate president of the United States, he is a brazen criminal, and an enthusiastic proponent of mass violence and slaughter. He is a killer, a murderer.

Not a day goes by that Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and other members of the most openly criminal administration in modern history do not give orders to slaughter, bomb, shoot, torture, and destroy.

Tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed, and are being killed as you read this, in Iraq. Three thousand people were murdered in cold blood, on US soil, on 9/11. All of this blood is on Bush-Cheney’s hands.

Then there are the many deadly and growing societal afflictions that have helped fuel a culture of hatred: a corporate media that glorifies violence, killing and war, The Sopranos, Quentin Tarantino, and TV shows such as 24; corporate interests that profit from everything from weapons (the “defense” industry) to murder-spree video games that are the daily addiction of children.

This, too, is Bush-Cheney’s American dystopia, made possible by the fine example set by what is a mafia by every definition.

There are few differences between the mentally ill Cho Seung-Hui and the mentally ill George W. Bush, but these differences are important.

The cold-blooded killing spree that has been carried out by Bush (and his ilk) is not recognized, even as the destruction continues, and his body count builds by the hour.

The very existence of Bush, his massacres, do not grip the acquiescent and ignorant American people with fear. And except for those families that have been direct victims of Bush-Cheney’s criminality, such the family of Pat Tillman, America is not demanding justice, not rushing en masse to grief counselors, not “asking why,” not asking to stop it.

Bush, with sneering contempt, is roaming freely through the campus that is the world, loaded with weapons.

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