The Venezuelan-Russian Alliance ?
By Rev. Richard Skaff
Global Research, July 27, 2008
27 July 2008
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In this epoch of globalization where authoritarianism has prospered, elitism has conquered, false flag operations have ascended, liberty has shriveled, war has prevailed, and true democracies have vanished [2], a handful of sovereign nations are trying to survive the whirlpool of the new world order by arming themselves and by making unholy alliances that will prolong their sovereignty and survival.

Venezuela is one of these countries. Washington’s intent to instrument regime change in Venezuela has failed and President Hugo Chavez has lately struck a deal with Moscow to sell oil in exchange for weapons. President Chavez has also threatened to switch oil transactions into euros, and has reasserted his total control over Petroleos de Venezuela with 74,918 employees and $101 billion a year in sales. [3]. Venezuela is also the world’s fourth largest oil exporter and the number three supplier of the United States. 

According to Jane’s Intelligence report, quoting a Russian political analyst, Venezuela could be purchasing weaponry from Russia worth USD5 billion over the next ten years. In addition, the report also added that Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), has said: “Regardless of the situation on global arms markets, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez will continue to buy Russian weaponry and may spend USD5 billion or more over the next 10 years on imports of Russian military equipment.” “RIA Novosti also reported that during his official visit to Russia on July 23, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the Russian leadership reaffirmed their mutual drive to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation.” [1].

Hugo Chavez could be writing his final chapter of defiance against the new global corporate aristocracy by making a deal with the Russian Military Industrial Complex. The neocons will undoubtedly connect Venezuela to terrorist networks, and the Anglo-American establishment will relentlessly continue their quest to dethrone him, fuel conflict and unrest in the region, and use every possible clandestine strategy to bring the corporate jackals back into Venezuela to exploit once again the wealth of that nation, and to impoverish the Venezuelan population.


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