The US-Islamic State Dance: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back – By Design

Overwhelming evidence that the Islamic State is the US Empire’s latest Creation

The United States government is desperately trying to promote public perception that the US led coalition forces in the Middle East have been successfully beating back the US covertly created monster enemy on steroids – the Islamic State (IS or otherwise known as ISIS/ISIL/al Qaeda/ the big bad wolf of Moslem terrorists, take your pick as US feds can’t seem to settle on a name for the latest slippery bogey man lurking globally and vowing to kill Americans). After all just this last Saturday the Pentagon was fresh off celebrating the news that in a daring rare raid inside Syria US Army Delta Force Commandos had killed the Islamic State leader Abu Sayyaf, captured his wife as prisoner and allegedly obtained “a treasure trove” of Islamic State intelligence data.

Though the feds are quick to claim that Sayyaf is a top IS leader, the Guardian reports he is not on any list of top-line IS leaders, nor has a price on his head for his capture or death and is considered only a mid-level player. However, Sayyaf is believed to have been a key IS fundraiser selling black market oil to America’s so called prime ally in the region Turkey. Until last July IS was making a cool million a day off oil sales. The Washington Post disclosed that the US led air campaign since last August has taken a serious bite out of oil profits by destroying jihadist controlled refineries inside Syria. However, independent media also contends that the US and Israeli jet fighters have destroyed Assad government refineries and grain storage silos that hurt both the Syrian government and the nation’s people.

On Saturday Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was in his best rhetoric afterglow gloating over the Special Forces raid in Syria:

The operation represents another significant blow to ISIS, and it is a reminder that the United States will never waver in denying safe haven to terrorists who threaten our citizens, and those of our friends and allies.

But then a mere day later the latest blow to Empire propaganda hyping recent progress in defeating the Islamic State is the now breaking story that Ramadi, the largest city in western Iraq has just fallen to the IS terrorists. A series of suicide bomb explosions in cars and armored bulldozers breached Iraqi force defenses and allowed the IS jihadists to gain control of the Anbar Province capital inhabited by Sunnis. An estimated 500 people have died and more than 100,000 city refugees fled Ramadi but were trapped in a bottleneck at the bridge that’s the only passage way eastward to Baghdad just seventy miles away. Shia militias as reinforcements are allegedly on the way to the embattled city in what stands to be a fiercely contested showdown in the coming days.

Despite the Pentagon downplaying the significance of the Ramadi defeat, retired Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, told CNN, “Ramadi’s a bad news story, period. It’s not going well. The military units we’ve trained in the Iraqi army are basically laying down their guns and running.” Last June that same Iraqi army turned and ran from Mosul allowing the Islamic State a powerful foothold now entrenched in the war ravaged nation.

Speaking of Mosul, the US coalition forces were supposed to counterattack and retake the second largest city in Iraq this spring. But due to setbacks in the Iraqi forces’ capacity to wage effective ground war against IS, two and a half months ago the Pentagon was forced to abandon its plan for a spring offensive placing it on hold until this fall or further notice. And now coupled with the loss of Ramadi, the Obama war policy in Iraq “against IS” is sure to once again come under increasing criticism and fire as a total and abject failure. But then that really depends on one’s perspective as will be discussed shortly.

The US led coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq have failed to stop the Islamic State’s expansion. Four months ago it was noted that since the US air campaign began last August, the Islamic State has doubled its space in Syria, controlling more than one third of the country’s territory. In the same way that the US predator drone warfare policy has only caused more hatred against America in the nations it’s been deployed against in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the same reverse effect is occurring in Syria where residents are increasingly sympathetic to Islamic State. Additionally, Syrian opposition groups bitterly complain that the US led coalition forces fail to coordinate dropping bombs with the rebels, thus not permitting them any tactical advantage in driving IS back. It’s as if the air strikes are more for show than to actually neutralize the enemy.

Perhaps that’s because the US air strikes really are a slight of hand exercise to placate the world. Evidence of US and British flying in unmarked helicopters conducting covert air drops of food, arms and medical supplies to waiting Islamic State fighters on the ground have repeatedly been noted by both Iraqi and Iranian sources. As soon as Obama vowed to hunt down Islamic State terrorists in Syria, many observers knew his real intention was to go after Assad. His rush for air strikes in Syria were thwarted after the false flag chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb in August 2013 committed by US backed al Qaeda rebels and not Assad who he falsely accused. Thus, suddenly the “new and improved” villain ISIS became his convenient excuse to once again go after Assadunder the deceptive pretense of rooting out Islamic terrorists.

So for nine months straight the Pentagon launched bombs away over both Iraq and Syria. Right up until earlier this month the US military brass have lied, denying that any of the several thousand air strikes killed even one civilian in either Syria or Iraq. Finally after reports that 52 civilians were killed in Syria by coalition bombs, the Pentagon reluctantly agreed to initiate an investigation. The watchdog group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that by its count at least 66 civilians have died by air strikes in Syria alone. It recently took an entire Iraqi family of five including a pregnant mother and her eight-year old daughter to be blown to death in a village ten miles from Mosul for the issue to even come to light in Iraq. founder Chris Woods estimates that up to 455 people have been killed from air strikes in Iraq alone.

After the top Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reported in April to be seriously wounded from an air strike in March, a rare recording of him was just released calling for “every Moslem” to fight on the side of Islamic State whether at home or in the Islamic State. It’s believed that the timing of his message was to show the world that the IS leader is still alive and well despite his alleged injuries.

Apparently, the concentrated bombing campaign has failed to even slow down the pouring of young Westerners into Syria and Iraq to fight as Islamic jihadists. A UN report recently disclosed that over 25,000 Islamic State fighters arrived just since June last year in Syria, Iraq and Yemen from over 100 countries, that’s most nations on earth converging to join the Islamic extremists’ cause.  A worthwhile enterprise would surely be to understand why so many are rushing to join the enemy.

As is the custom in every US war, the Pentagon is always presenting a far more optimistic picture than truthful reality on the ground ever permits. Typically US commanders lie to justify their wars. From General Westmoreland in Vietnam to General Petraeus in Afghanistan to the latest Central Command General Lloyd Austin, the same old song wags on.

Secretaries of State are also known to deliver overly inflated, rose colored views. Recall presidential contender Hilary Clinton’s confidence after bringing down Gaddafi in Libya. Then came her ambassador Christopher Stevens and three more Americans’ murder on 9/11/12 in Benghazi and her State Department cover for her illegal arms smuggling operation to Syria was nearly blown. And now her successor John Kerry in response to Islamic State’s victory in Ramadi expressed similar confidence that the thus far failed coalition air strikes could drive the enemy out of the city, “I am convinced that as the forces are redeployed and as the days flow in the weeks ahead (Islamic State’s control is) going to change.”

Meanwhile, Islamic State forces are currently bearing down on the historic city of Palmyra, Syria where fears are the IS will destroy more significant ancient 2000 year old architectural ruins. The UNESCO World Heritage Site appears to be the latest victim of the dreaded enemy. Despite desecrating religious shrines and churches in the Middle East belonging to both Moslem and Christians, and the tortured persecution and mass killings of Christians and Shia Moslems including the spectacle of repeated beheadings of Western journalists and aid workers, the malevolent force that has been shocking the world for nearly a year now apparently cannot be stopped despite the most lethal killing force on the planet, the US military efforts leading a large coalition force conducting thousands of drone and air strikes and occasional ground force operations.

That said, there exists too much overwhelming evidence to prove that the Islamic State is the US Empire’s latest creation of a designated enemy to propagate unending global war and destruction in all resource rich regions on earth. Reagan and Bush senior used Osama’s al Qaeda machine beginning in the early 1980’s as Washington’s proxy war mercenaries on the ground against the Soviet Empire that led eventually to its demise within the decade. Then in the 90’s al Qaeda was used to help “balkanize” Yugoslavia into 13 obliterated, ineffectual little pieces carved up and served as Empire bases against resurrected cold war enemy Russia as well as the Middle East. Then came the pivotal role of Osama’s 19 box-cutters – 15 of whom were Saudi Arabian – used as inside job 9/11 stooges, close to half of whom have since surfaced alive and well on the planet. Only the 3000 Americans murdered and sacrificed that fateful day by the neocons Bush and Cheney et al with Israeli-Saudi help remain dead. The extensively long history of the United States government covertly utilizing al Qaeda/ISIS/Islamic State as America’s oft-repeated actual ally in its fabricated bogus “war on terror” is nothing but a diabolically driven hoax on this planet. The Islamic State is the fake US enemy deployed by the DC crime cabal as its Empire paid-for-hire tool.

With this larger, more accurate picture of the sinister truth driving both US foreign policy and the Islamic State, analyzing these recent developments in the Middle East by connecting the dots begins to make more sense and offer more clarity. US Empire wants war to go on forever in the Middle East by imperialistic design. Historically for decades both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been Washington’s evil axis partners-in-crime in the Middle East and North Africa. They along with other dubious Islam allies like Turkey and Qatar have been sponsoring terrorism for numerous decades in an unholy criminal partnership with the United States. That infamous neocon list cited by Wesley Clark to take down seven sovereign nations in five years was an early blueprint of things to come. Syria and Iran remain the only countries left still to take down on that list.

Thus for these reasons alone the Islamic State invasion last June into Iraq was simply part of the Western oligarch plan, complete with US furnished Toyota trucks and heavy arms. The US was able to depose its Baghdad puppet Maliki who had prohibited a US military presence in Iraq since the US December 2011 departure. Now with the latest setbacks in Mosul and Ramadi, US Empire has finagled its permanent military foothold in both Iraq with 3000 US soldiers and Afghanistan (another near 10,000 US troops with more NATO forces due to arrive) securing the near guaranteed prospect of maintaining perpetual war in both nations. In Iraq war is sure to rage on indefinitely between the Iraqi forces ostensibly financed, trained and supported by the US, pitted directly against the feds’ secretly financed, trained and supported IS opponent. This age old strategy of waging war by backing both sides has been standard operating procedure in the oligarch playbook since both World War I and II as the always winning, “divide and conquer” formula applied both domestically and abroad for centuries.

Using the US Empire and its allied cronies to do its dirty bidding, the globalist agenda has long been to extract oil and precious resources until they’re all gone while keeping both occupied and “unoccupied” nations as weakened failed states. Active in this policy are regime changes orchestrated by US State Department NGO’s, the CIA, NATO and US Special Operations forces, all working together to occupy virtually all nations on earth in order to ensure that Empire planted and controlled puppet governments around the globe facilitates cabal IMF-World Bank interests feeding its unsustainable, debt-based global economy, in effect enslaving humans living in every corner of the planet. With this geopolitics understanding, any nation that resists US bullying and browbeating subjugation under threat of force is simply torn asunder by brutal attack and occupation, be it by the US military or by proxy ally the Islamic State.

Only Russia and China and its allies Iran, war torn Syria, North Korea and Cuba and a lesser extent Venezuela have managed to resist total domination by Empire hegemony. But of course they have been relentlessly attacked by US propaganda and lies to demonize them as Western enemies along with punishment by unending economic sanctions. Yet despite these geopolitical, armament, cyber and currency wars all raging hotter than ever (except perhaps with softening Cuban relations), the United States as a world power finds itself in rapid decline while its Western economy edges ever closer to complete collapse, leaving all the so called US enemies the global victors as the last ones standing. With the present high risk of nuclear war against Russia, right now the planet is undergoing a major power shift from West to East.

And with the mounting civil unrest caused by the shakiest, house of cards economy accompanied by brutal totalitarian police state oppression implemented by the US federal government, enter Jade Helm as the largest military operation on US soil in modern history. With debtor nation America’s ($17.5 trillion in the red) creditor China thoroughly fed up with Washington’s global aggression and sole global superpower status, come this September the foreboding Jade Helm operation could go live as cataclysmic events appear looming on America’s ever-darkening horizon. With so much speculation and concern swirling about, and so many holes in the dam’s dike seemingly ready to break, be it from natural disasters on the rise to human disasters long time in the making, some Americans and citizens of the world are preparing and bracing for the inevitable crash while the rest remain oblivious and dumbed down by globalist design. Which will you be?

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.

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