The UN, Trump and Netanyahu: When Did Democracy, Justice and Equality Just Disappear?
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, September 20, 2017

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The United States of America is the world’s greatest super-state with the largest economy and global GDP. It possesses the most powerful military machine in history backed by the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in existence.

Its ‘sidekick’ in the Middle East is the state of Israel and they work in concert to exert disproportionate influence on both the global economy and international politics through their combined position in the United Nations and through the economic and political power of the Likud-leaning, US Congress. All this is done publicly with no attempt to hide this blatant, bilateral US-Israeli agenda.

That agenda is to overtly increase the economic and political power of Washington to the exclusion and at the expense of the other 191 member states of the United Nations General Assembly that includes Britain, Germany, France, Spain and Italy [among others in Europe]. This is no secret pact but a publicly-stated aim of the current Trump presidency.

‘America First’ means just that, but to include also its creature state, Israel, which was established in 1948 thanks solely to the pressure exerted on the then newly constituted and unrepresentative, minority United Nations by the American Zionist Council, now better known as AIPAC the US Israel lobby group, which is a major [but unelected] force in shaping American foreign policy.

However, it is only now in 2017 that international affairs in general are in the hands of not only these two heads of state but also that of their extended families i.e. wives, children, sons in law and various other unelected family intimates. Currently, certain individuals within this bilateral family grouping are being officially investigated for corruption, bribery and/or fraud, by the relevant authorities. Strangely, this does not, as yet, appear to have had any impact upon the families’ global political influence.

All of which leaves us with the vitally important question:

When did Democracy, Justice, Equality and the Rule of Law, just disappear and what will be the eventual impact upon Europe and the wider world?

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