The Smoking Gun Memo: Tony Blair Should Stand Trial for War Crimes, Say 96% in British Poll
By Tom Steele
Global Research, October 21, 2015
A True Independent Scotland 19 October 2015
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In a recent poll by ATIS, and before the release of the “smoking gun memo”, an astonishing 96% of people agreed that Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes. The poll sample was taken from over 4700 votes spread over several websites, so even allowing for a very large margin of error, I think we can safely conclude that the majority of people believe Tony Blair is a war criminal and should stand trial for war crimes.

The bombshell “smoking gun” memo, straight from the Whitehouse, reveals the deal done in blood by Blair and Bush in 2002 more than a year before the Iraq war. Blair gave bush his unqualified support for the illegal war in Iraq whilst telling the British Public he was not proposing military action, as revealed in the secret email uncovered by the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private mail server when Secretary of Defence.




It is estimated by some observers, that more than 1,000,000 people died and a further 4.000,000 were displaced or injured and their homes destroyed, the majority of them civilians. Tony Blair sickeningly calls these atrocities committed in the Iraq war against mostly women and children “collateral damage”. The effects of this atrocious war is still reverberating around the Middle East which is now in complete chaos and also in Europe, where we now see a flood of millions of refugees trying to escape the turmoil and chaos of Blair actions. Blair could also be tried under his own anti terrorism laws in a British court, because, it could be argued, his actions aided and abetted the terrorists.

There is one other important point that should not be overlooked, Blair by his collusion with George Bush and the USA’s thirst for war and regime change, deliberately and knowingly sent many of our young people to their certain deaths and left many others horribly maimed for life. This makes Tony Blair complicit in the conspiracy to murder British citizens by any legal definition you care to use. When 96% of the people agree on anything, it sends a very powerful message, it’s time for Chilcot to publish his report, and its time Tony Blair faced his accusers from the dock in the Hague.

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