The Security and Prosperity Partnership
By Green Party of Canada
Global Research, June 19, 2007
Green Party of Canada 19 June 2007
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Most Canadians would be shocked to learn that the federal government has entered a partnership with the US and Mexico that further integrates the military, security, trade, economic, regulatory and foreign polices of the three countries.

This agreement will make it even easier for the US to access Canada’s natural resources, weaken Canadian food safety regulations to fall into line with those of the US and force Canada to adopt US homeland security policies and other measures that erode Canadian sovereignty.

Flying under the radar of public and parliamentary scrutiny, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America is moving Canada, the US and Mexico swiftly towards North American Union.

Since coming to power in January 2006, the Harper government has been advancing the SPP through budgetary commitments and participation in cross–border working groups limited to business leaders in strategic sectors.

With no public announcements and little media coverage, governments are making administrative changes beyond public purview. This incremental approach operates in the shadows because the government knows that Canadians would reject an agreement to further integrate our economy with those of the US and Mexico.

The Green Party believes that trade deals must be open and democratic, reflecting a commitment to “fair trade” above “free trade.” Fair trade means that economic, social and ecological justice must not succumb to investor rights. The government’s responsibility to protect its citizens and the environment must trump short-term economic interests.

Read this Q&A to find out more about the SPP.

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