“The Russia Did It” Coverup. The Russian and Chinese Vaccines

Unmasking the Real Meaning Behind the Media's Fraudulent Reports

The sheer magnitude of what is supposed to be news from so-called “prestigious” outlets—whether the New York Times, Washington Post, or even Reuters—or the lack thereof falling short of nothing but pure apolitical blasphemy of Russian conspiracies menacing the United States public and the West should be of no surprise anymore, or any real concern whatsoever. What is a matter of fact however, is nothing less than turning the lies and obfuscations inside out to determine just what it is the West, Deep State quacks, and media machine pariahs are trying to cover-up, deflect, or outright create out of thin air concerning the Russian Federation; they are just outright obsessed with the dead carcass of “Russia did it!.”

In just two to three weeks of time, the media and Deep State prostitutes have shifted from a completely fake—and debunked up to and including the President, heads of US State in the government, military, and intelligentsia—story of “Russian bounties” of paid killings of US soldiers in Afghanistan promoted by the New York Times, to a sensationalized hacker conspiracy theory that Russia stole CoV-19 vaccine R&D secrets from the West. As we shall see, the truth of the matter behind this lying mega-machine in hyperdrive is quite the polar opposite, and as foreign and far away as planet Pluto from existing reality.

Smashing the Mirrors

As the pathetically contrived “Russian hacker” conspiracy theory over “theft of CoV-19 vaccine R&D” hit the newswires, a much, much bigger development in Russia was also hitting the newswires. Not only has the Russian Federation been developing upwards of nearly thirty different variants of 17 SARS-CoV vaccines, Russian vaccine candidates are readying for either first or continuous stage trials and most geopolitically pivotal of all, Sechenov University of Moscow has completed the world’s first successful vaccine trial giving the Russian Federation the beneficence of quite literally becoming the first country in the world to launch a successfully created vaccine by August 2020 in the face of the global SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic” coupled with the release of Koronavir, a breakthrough anti-viral drug that specifically targets SARS-CoV-2.

Sechenov University Center for Clinical Research and Medications was responsible for conducting the clinical trials of both variants of intramuscular SARS-CoV-2 vaccine—in powder form and liquid intramuscular solution—developed by Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, with trials taking place at both Sechenov University and Burdenko Military Hospital. Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev revealed in an interview with CNN stating clearly: “We have lots of infrastructure for vaccine development, and once again, we will be the first ones because of our scientists and because of the research we have done to date.”

Of course, CNN went straight for the geopolitical jugular blaspheming the question of the UK “Russian hacker” conspiracy theory of stealing CoV-19 vaccine research data only to find itself on the receiving end of instant karma. Dmitriev explosively blew the windows right out of the house of mirrors in the ideological race for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine—that US “Operation Warp Speed” is supposed to be winning—stating clearly with a blast of dynamite that, “First of all, we are very surprised by the timing of this, because basically, this happened the next day after we announced the approval of our vaccine in August.

It was certainly no wonder then, that the cross-Atlantic West’s media machines mirrors had been smashed in exposing the burning red reasons behind the recent hyperdrive of anti-Russian propaganda and conspiracy theories like the NYT “Russian bounties in Afghanistan” as mere Red Herrings to smother out such developments from Russia in the newswires. Kirill Dmitriev’s revelations about Russia completing the world’s first successful SARS-CoV-2 vaccine program was, by no means, a small or irrelevant development in the face of a global debacle that has literally brought the world to a grinding halt, and left the cross-Atlantic West staring straight to the bottom of a vicious financial cliff of total economic collapse; it was—for Washington, Wall Street, and London—a geopolitical earthquake.

If You Are Not First—You Are Last

Close on the heels of the Russian Federation in the ideological race for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is China, which has been developing approximately five pivotal vaccine variants with one variant produced by Sinopharm recently entering Stage 3 clinical trials in latter June 2020. China’s variable types of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines include those produced by CanSino (collaborated with the Academy of Military Science Institute of Biotechnology), Sinovac, an inactivated vaccine candidatedeveloped by Beijing Vaccine and Serum Institute, and Fosun Pharma.

Two of China’s five vaccine candidates from CanSino and Fosun Pharma, however, uncover the very ugly reality—just as the US Moderna Inc. and French Sanofi SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have shownof genetically engineered mRNA lipid nanoparticle vaccines. Such a feat in biotechnology with gene-edited messenger RNA has never been attempted—much less on humans as it is purely experimental—in the history of modern medicine, ever.

CanSino—as a partial arm of the PLA through the Academy of Military Science Institute of Biotechnology—recently teamed up with Precision Nanosystems (PNI) of Canada to produce a “Covid-19 mRNA-LNP vaccine.” According to the news brief on May 21, 2020 from the BioSpace website, “CanSinoBIO will hold the commercialization rights in Asia except Japan, while PNI will hold the rights for the rest of the world,” exclusively maintaining the intellectual and R&D rights on what is known asNanoAssemblr Technology, which is the very patented nano-tech being employed by US-based Moderna Inc for a multitude of new mRNA vaccines as early as 2017, including H10N8 and H7N9 Avian Influenza.

Also in China, Fosun Pharma—Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical/Fosun Pharmaceutical Industrial—has entered the race as China’s second company promoting an mRNA-LNP vaccine candidate. Promoting “international collaboration with BioNTech to co-develop an mRNA vaccine against Covid-19,” Fosun Pharma is employing extensive R&D using Germany-based BioNTech mRNA gene-editing biotechnology techniques to develop an effective vaccine, a technology that BioNTech’s website conveys bizarrely—and shockingly—that mRNA represents a “disruptive new drug class” (emphasis added).

Last but not least—nearly dead last that is—well behind the pack of vaccine trial candidates is the United States and the cross-Atlantic West, whether it is US Moderna Inc, UK-Swiss AstraZeneca, Swiss Novartis, French Sanofi, UK GlaxoSmithKline, or a plethora of other major pharmaceutical companies that dominate the cross-Atlantic medical industrial complexes. The fracas of what is supposed to be an all-dominating, US government sponsored systematic vaccination candidate program dubbed “Operation Warp Speed is merely nothing but a distorted and grossly lopsided version of “The Tortoise and the Hare” seemingly from Aesop’s Fables.

Moderna Inc. USA (based in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is quite literally, the “Head of the Hydra” of Operation Warp Speed—the raison de’tre—and currently the greatest purveyor of mRNA-LNP (NanoAssemblr) vaccine candidates in the world. The current US President Donald Trump himself introduced the former head of GlaxoSmithKline (retired 2017) Moncef Slaoui—whom was previously serving on Moderna’s Board of Directors—on May 15, 2020 as the newly-appointed US ‘vaccine czar’ in charge of Operation Warp Speed—a politically uncharted move that gave a fox nothing less than the de facto proverbial key to the hen house.

The mRNA-1273 Moderna gene-edited vaccine candidate—cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for approval of Phase II human trials on May 7, 2020, and on May 12, 2020, granted Fast Track Designation by the FDA, hence the name Operation Warp Speed—was allowed to utterly omit and skip mandated animal testing right into carte blanche human testing trials that began on April 27, 2020, in which results of seriously negative VAEs (Vaccine Adverse Event) on test subjects began to turn up immediately such as CNN’s Ian Haydon reportedly being “the sickest in his life.” However, Moderna Inc. as the so-called “frontrunner” in the ideological race for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine has completely stalled behind all of the competition except for the Sanofi Pasteur-Translate Bio venture (another mRNA-LNP gene-edited vaccine candidate slated for Sept. 2020 human trials) merely completing its Phase II human trial enrollments on July 8, 2020, with only “interim” results from Phase I human trial studies being published, and as the old adage goes—if you are not first, you are last.

The advent of mRNA gene-edited vaccines amidst the revolution in biotechnology of advancing the techniques of genetic manipulation could, quite literally, become a Pandora’s Box of unknown consequences or serious damage to human DNA and the future of humanity, raising untold questions of efficacy and viability—especially when controlled at the top in the wrong hands (China, USA, cross-Atlantic West, whether it is governments, or especially powerful private corporations). The US Government of the current administration is throwing not only millions, but billions and billions of $US dollars to the biggest cross-Atlantic medical industrial complex giants—such as a $US 1.95 billion to Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA-LNP gene-edited vaccine candidate project (BioNTech being the very same company jointly developing a mRNA-LNP vaccine candidate with China’s Fosun)—and going even further with the US President Trump bizarrely  statingWe’re willing to work with anybody that is going to get us a good result,” meaning supporting BioNTech on both sides of the US (Pfizer) and Chinese (Fosun Pharma) coin when prompted with a question of working or collaborating with China on vaccine development—representing the very dangerous soundingdisruptive new drug class” found directly on BioNTech’s website, raking billions of US and Chinese money into their coffers when the world is on its financial knees.

Russia: Re-inventing…..Sanity?

The Russian Bear has shown a major resilience—and a reinventing a ‘renaissance’ of R&D in science, biology, and technologies—in its universities and technical institutes not only in advanced military technical developments of new generation hardware and cutting-edge weaponry, but directly into the scientific community especially that of epidemiology, virology, and biotechnology, such as Sechenov University in completing the success of the world’s first viable SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate. Programs and newly-built (or completely renovated existing infrastructure) research centers at select technical institutes or universities personally endorsed and attended by the Russian President Vladimir Putin—even some programs initiated by Putin himself—has proven to be effective in the very words of the Federation Council (Upper House) Chairperson Valentina Matviyenko when she stated on July 23, 2020 in a pivotal announcement, “Russians will have the opportunity to get vaccinated before the end of the year…..We definitely are the first country to announce clinically-tested vaccines, which is a very important thing.”

Considering even the most dystopian scenarios that have reared their ugly heads into lives of those in the cross-Atlantic West, the most sane comment on any development that has come over months in a world gone completely mad is that of Russia’s Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko speaking common sense when he clearly reiterated the position, “….that vaccination should be voluntary.” This statement should come with a much-welcomed, giant sigh of relief in the dense geopolitical fog of the cross-Atlantic West on its utter financial knees due to draconian lock-down measures coupled with the shocking assertions—or even the very idea of—alluding to “immunity passports,” contact tracing, or the shocking, legally insane rant of lawyer Alan Dershowitz (@1:49) that, “no one has the Constitutional right to endanger the public…no right to refuse to be vaccinated, no right to refuse to wear a mask…” in an interview with YouTube vlogger Jason Goodman, when the clear and present danger to endanger the public is the promotion of mRNA-LNP gene-edited vaccine candidates that have never been approved for human use previously—ever.

Is it any wonder then, that as the Russian Federation makes a giant leap for mankind with the biggest development of 2020 in the face of adversity of a Bretton Woods system dominated by a self-destructing, failing foreign policy empire—the cracking edifice of the American Century financially collapsing into the abyss—we will only get more and more reckless and apolitical hob-goblin Russian conspiracy theories menacing the public from media and the cross-Atlantic governments shoved down our throats to bury the real news? …. Hardly.

R.A. Jones is an independent writer and researcher, he is the sole editor of Global Political Awakening Project blog.

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