Latest “Fake News” Designed to Put Further Pressure on Trump to Cave In

The Ruling Establishment Won’t Quit

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The latest news being disseminated, again, hysterically by the mainstream media is that the Russians “have dirt” on Trump, and that this could compromise his independence as president. This is Fake News by definition and from the get-go. For one thing, everyone who has not been living under a rock, and who is not completely blinded by the political fog enveloping the American system, knows that Trump, as a businessman who has openly admitted he did not file taxes on various occasions, is good at being a “mechanic”, good at working the system.

As well, his appreciation for the opposite sex is well documented, in fact, scandalously well documented, thanks to the mainstream media guardians du jour. But more than 60 million Americans were probably quite aware of this and still voted for him, proof that their pain under the current ruling establishment, and rage at its Olympian disregard for their class interests aggravated by overwhelming hypocrisy had reached a point of  no return.

But there’s more to this filthy story. Getting dirt on key politicians is what ALL major spy agencies do, the Western ones—the American CIA and its allies—the British, French and Israeli—leading the pack. It’s an old technique used to blackmail people into submission, also used to recruit or “neutralise” otherwise uncooperative players. J Edgar Hoover—a consummate blackmail artist— used the technique for decades to insure immunity from removal by successive presidents. His post soon became a sinecure, he was the real “Untouchable”.

Obviously the Western Intel mafia and their loyal coterie of media prostitutes (which shamefully but to be expected includes most of the major shills for the liberal and “left” establishment) think that no one ever heard of this. Perhaps the majority of the benighted masses never did (and hence the playing of this card in the open). In any case, despite the public show of alarm and hair-pulling, nothing about this latest “appendix” to the DNI’s Russian Hacking report fiasco is any more credible than the main report itself. The stench of fabrication, of this being yet another ruse in an ongoing psyop to block Trump and antagonize Russia is overwhelming.



(1) The report appears precisely when the “Russian hacking” claim is losing momentum due to its very lack of substantiation;
(2) The accusation against the Russians’ “unique” perfidy surfaces precisely when Rex Tillerson, Exxon’s chief and current nominee for Secretary of State is about to face questions on Russian ties at his confirmation hearing. (This “coincidence” is also calculated to force Trump to nominate someone less likely to normalize ties with Russia, but grilling Tillerson, representative of a major and usually commanding sector of the global bourgeoisie, the oil industry, also shows the deep fissures within the ruling class, with Trump & Co. representing the old America first approach while the Clintonites and the CIA stand for the MIC’s globalism and unipolar hegemonism at any cost.).


(3) Putting more obstacles in Trump’s assumption to the imperial throne, and/or laying the groundwork to control him more effectively.
(4) They are trying to put a wedge between Trump and the Russians and facilitate his “cease & desist” from any detente with Russia to continue the criminally dangerous Neocon policies favored by Obama, the Bushes, and the Clintons of encircling, defaming and baiting Russia, China, Iran, and everyone else on this planet opposed to the idea of American global hegemony.
(5) They are providing Trump with a “face-saving” excuse should he finally cave in under pressure and renege on his promise of better relations with Russia.


As the great George Carlin might have said, (1)  this is a transparent case of Fake News, “Grade A, Prime cut, pure American bullshit.” The country’s unequalled product and export. Nothing comes close. Accept no imitations.

FAKE NEWS by definition, carried out as a psyop by the ruling system, and as credible as the entire report—so called—they floated to confirm the non-existent Russian hack (which, incidentally we know from reliable sources was an internal leak by a DNC staffer).  It’s clear the deep state is up to its eyeballs trying to corner Trump into following their orders or else. They will try anything, and the prostitutes in the media will blare it from the rooftops without challenging anything.  Disgraceful. But what else can we expect from a system so rotten and criminal that all we have now is one layer of deception upon another?  Below I have the pleasure of reposting analysis and opinion by fine and honest observers of the current reality. We all seem to be on the same page. The commentary is preceded by some random examples of mainstream media fake news on this topic.




Thankfully Trump appears to be firm in his denials of this nonsense:


“Reported” CBS: Published on Jan 11, 2017

Congress is focusing on what the Russians may know about President-elect Donald Trump. The issue was raised at the confirmation hearing for Sen. Jeff Sessions, attorney general nominee, and it may come up when secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson, testifies at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday. Nancy Cordes reports.


And to compound the dose of stinking manure they inflict on the American mind every morning, here’s CBS, again, featuring Samantha Power, a sociopathic promoter of the imperial wars in the Middle East, being offered a precious media platform to further pollute the understanding of this critical topic. Notice how one of the regular idiots on the show, Norah O’Donnell, is utterly friendly and deferential to Power. Strong stomach required.

Published on Jan 11, 2017

U.N. ambassador Power on Russia, Israeli settlements, what’s next

Ambassador Samantha Power has been the U.S Permanent Representative to the United Nations since 2013, where she has denounced atrocities committed by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and criticized Russia for its repeated vetoes of U.N. resolutions on the conflict. Power, who will leave office with the rest of the Obama administration on January 20, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss foreign policy and what she plans to do next.



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