The Real Coronavirus Victims: Relations between People

“Only touch, medicine and speech can truly heal. »

Hippocrates, 5th century B.C.

Some say the world is going to change. For me, it has already changed in March 2020.

A “coronavirus” world

A better world?

That depends.

For me, the world doesn’t change for the better. It’s never just a point of view, my point of view, because for the Big Pharma manufacturers of future drugs and vaccines [1], of course, it’s a change for the better.

The minority for whom the world is “changing for the better” because of the coronavirus :

Phenomenal profits in the offing. A gush of dollars and euros to come for the majority shareholders and CEOs of Big Pharma, who are already immensely wealthy.

For the already richest people in the world, it’s a change for the better, yes [2].

                                         © image taken from the site: Source Investir.

According to Forbes [3],

“The unemployment rate and the number of COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket, but the stock market is doing better. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both jumped more than 12% in the week ending April 9. (Markets closed on April 10 for Good Friday). Stocks jumped significantly on Thursday as the Federal Reserve announced a $2.3 trillion (trillion) loan to support the economy. Market gains led to a combined $51.3 billion increase for 10 of the world’s billionaires since the market closed a week ago on April 2.”

I’ve always wondered why, at such a level of wealth, would you want to be even richer.

But this is certainly the naive questioning of a person who is not part of this “world of the super-rich” (and does not want to be part of it).

For governments, business leaders, directors, for any person in power attracted by an authoritarian, even totalitarian, dictatorial drift [4], this is a change for the better too.

This is the case at the global level, at the national level but also in all power structures, major and minor.

Wherever leaders prefer to impose rather than propose, to force rather than convince, the coronavirus crisis makes it possible to suspend rights, to establish manu militari their austerity programs, almost neither seen nor known. (ni vu ni connu)

The coronavirus crisis threatens to make us live in a “Chinese-style” dictatorship [5], an “Amazon” social model [6], an “Apple” ethical model [7], a “Google” moral model [8], a “Facebook” model of righteousness [9] … this time on a worldwide scale.

The expression “free world” will no longer have any meaning.

Already nibbled, gnawed, attacked from all sides, this expression will explode into thousands of unrecognizable little pieces. It is already well underway.

In the “coronavirus” world, you are “a number”, a “piece of meat”, a more or less profitable “piece of brain”, without social protection, without rights except the right to do what “the power” tells you to do.

Always using the same propaganda language:

“More security for less freedom”.

“State of emergency… health”.

A novel language leitmotiv repeated ad infinitum, and the more it is repeated, the more it is accepted.

For example, in some countries, patients can leave hospital by agreeing to wear an electronic bracelet [10]. This is only a sample of all the totalitarian measures planned or even already decided by our governments in favor of the coronavirus crisis. It goes much further, it’s limitless [11] and it affects a good part of the world, if not the whole world [12]:

“After the drones equipped with loudspeakers that we saw calling recalcitrant citizens to conform, in China and then in Paris, tracking devices are now flourishing all over the world. In France, the Stop-Covid application is thus being promoted by the government as a necessary tool for deconfinement, while on the other side of the Atlantic, rival companies Apple and Google are teaming up to produce an application to go up the transmission chain.”

It is not surprising that Apple, Google and Facebook are putting themselves “at the service” (big profits in perspective) of these totalitarian drifts.

The same goes for YouTube, whose CEO Susan Wojcicki has arrogated to herself the right to delete all information that does not follow the WHO’s recommendations [13].

After Bill Gates, a non-medical person who tells us what to do, it is now the turn of the CEO of an online video site to meddle with our health and decide what is good or bad for us to know. In the name of what? In whose name?

As for doctors, the real ones, or other specialists like health anthropologist Jean-Dominique Michel [14], they are vilified. People are told not to listen to them!

What an inverted world!

More control versus less autonomy.

In the meantime, all the constitutional rights dearly acquired by our ancestors and all human rights are under attack.

Freedom to demonstrate, to assemble, freedom of expression, to hug, to breathe freely, to move around, to challenge any health dogma coming from the official line.

What makes sense and is scientifically founded is fake news.

What is false news is unassailable truth.

In this “coronavirus” world that will benefit the minority described at the beginning of this article.

Some people have been forcibly interned in psychiatric hospitals, a practice I thought relegated to the last century or to communist dictatorships. It is today, in Italy [15], in Germany [16], in this new “coronavirus” world.


– For very rich people (no, it’s much more than that, for stratospherically rich people)
– For the majority shareholders and CEOs of the financial monsters that pharmaceutical companies have become (1000 billion euros in profits over twenty years).
–  For the corporate media, who make money and live better by spreading fear and crises which they sell to their readers,
–  For all those interested in more authority, more power for themselves and less autonomy and freedom for citizens

The world is changing for the better.

For billions of people, you, me, the world is changing for the worse.

Yes, here, as long as you’re not one of those rulers, CEO of a pharmaceutical company, journalist spokesperson for governments or director addict to strong power, it’s you, it’s me that we’re talking about now.

This “coronavirus” world is a change for the worse.

Unless we (you, me) reject it “en masse”:

Then we must be such a number that it is impossible to commit us all to a mental hospital, a mass critical enough for the brutal repression of so many to cause the awakening of all the others.

All the more so since, for me, it is not necessary to revolt or use violence, especially not!

It is enough:

– To no longer take part in this terrifying scene.
– Not to take this path that leads us to more poverty, more famine:

The tyranny of the coronavirus – and death by starvation, by Peter Koenig, who worked for the World Bank and the WHO for years:

“By the end of 2020, more people will have died from hunger, despair and suicide than from coronavirus. We, the world, are facing a famine pandemic of biblical proportions. This true pandemic will far surpass the “COVID-19 pandemic”. The famine pandemic is reminiscent of the film “Hunger Games” because it is based on similar circumstances of a dominant minority controlling who can eat and who will die – through competition. »

Not to condone this destruction of all social ties, a deadly phenomenon that the coronavirus dictatorship even wants to impose on our kindergarten children:

The school cannot become a prison where the teachers are the matrons.

Parents, protect your children! Not only from the coronavirus, but especially from these abuses. Boycott schools that attack the very purpose of life, human relations, and this is done through contact, play and mutual aid.

A review of scientific studies has failed to find a single case of transmission of the virus from a child to an adult [18].

–  Not to accept this social distancing:

Social distancing in pictures, all over the world…

Yes, let us protect the sick, but if not, let us live the life for which we are here on earth, with emphasis on relationships, mutual support, solidarity and empathy.

– Not to put on masks, all of us, all the time:

Faces and smiles disappear under masks, whereas these masks do not protect us, prevent us from breathing and from oxygenating [19], a much more important parameter of good health, can aggravate the situation by concentrating possible exhaled viruses close to our respiratory tracts, and that the WHO itself reserves this practice only for the sick (who must then stay at home) and for the caregivers.

These are all ways to resist.

Choose something else.

Two world views are now clashing, exacerbated by this coronavirus crisis.

On one hand:

A cold, contactless, masked and tyrannical world, the same for all, without thought or common sense, promising enormous power and profit for a minority of people already immensely rich and powerful.

On the other hand:

A world where contact, warmth, looks, smiles remain the inviolable basis of all humanity.

A world where touch, (natural) medicine and speech [20] continue to form the unshakeable pillar of human medicine.

A world in which not everything is sacrificed, human dignity, human rights (and women’s rights), in exchange for life at all costs, because to do so deprives life of its value.

Testimony of this 97-year-old woman [21]:

I’m locked up, it’s not a life,” she says, crying. I can’t even go to my neighbor’s house. We can’t even talk. All day long I’m locked in there. »

She hardly feeds herself any more because she feels that this life is not worth living.

Right now, this woman is more likely to die from loneliness than from the coronavirus.

That is the human choice we must make today.


Dr. Pascal Sacré is Anesthesiologist-intensivist  and a frequent contributor to

Translated from French by Maya Chossudovsky-Ladouceur. 


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“Police take “Coronoia” lawyer Bahner to the psychiatrist”

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Dr. Pascal Sacré,, 2020

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